Thursday, December 28, 2006


My mom and I went to Ikea today for a little post-Christmas shopping fun. I bought a coffee table, and two small book shelves- one for home and one for school. All three pieces were on sale. I'm pretty excited about putting them together.

My vacation has been flying by and I haven't been able to get done all I've wanted. It's not over yet, of course, but I'm starting to feel the pressure of going back to work. That stinks. I've decided that tomorrow I'm going to do things just for myself. I'm going to sleep in, I'm going to buy myself a new pair of shoes, I'm getting a massage (gift card from Chris), and Chris and I are going to Ruth's Chris for dinner( Chris got a gift card from a client) . I'm hoping that it'll be a lovely day that will help remove this feeling of dread off of my shoulder. I think this stress I'm feeling is because I'm tired. I had a lot of plans today, including a nap, but the trip to Ikea took about 2 hours longer than I had intended...mostly because my mother insisted on going to the Christmas Tree Shoppe on the way home. Bah.

All this, plus I'm still not "spot on" with WW, but I'm getting a little closer each least that's what I'm telling myself. I'm also making plans to start lifting weights again. Those workouts will probably be laid out in detail on my other Amazon blog....of course I'll mention them here, too. Basically, I'm gearing up to re-begin Phase 1 of the Next 10 Challenge.

Speaking of The Next 10 Challenge, I need some input. I think that Phase 1 should be getting under 165 (or 1?5/2?5), but what should the time frame be? Any ideas? I don't want to make it so short that it's impossible, or so long that it's not a challenge. Let me know, ya'll.

Thursday, December 21, 2006

New Outlook, New Goals

I know there is going to be an onslaught of New Year resolutions and so on and so forth and blah blah blah. However, I'm going to talk about what I'm giving myself for Christmas. I know I've totally screwed up this week and I know that I will have gained by this Sunday. I'm considering this to actually be Phase 0. It's official. Phase 0 is on!

Phase 0 for me is to:
  • not gain too much and to hopefully have it back off by Dec 31
  • get back into the gym next week
  • set goals for the re-issuing of Phase 1 of the Next 10 plan

After years of not keeping New Year Resolutions, I've got to remind myself that this is my gift to myself and has nothing to do with the beginning of a new year. It's merely a coincidence.

By the way, I hope I didn't offend anyone who does the resolution thing. I just know they don't work for me!

Anyone else for a change in plans?

Are there any others who are doing the Next 10 Challenge who would like to call these next couple of weeks Phase 0..where we're try not to gain enough weight to be in the 10 pounds heavier range. I think that sounds more doable at this time of year.

Anyone with me?

Phase 0?

Things are not going well for me Challenge wise these days, it's almost like I'm in Phase 0 of the challenge...the planning phases. The holidays plus the 3 days of being sick and not really following plan (100 calorie packs and toast are my friends)./ I know I'll get back on track soon, but I'm so distracted between work, being sick earlier in the week, and trying to get ready for Christmas (which is a struggle). I know it'll all fall into place one of these days...or even one of these upcoming moments...I just need to concentrate, but I have no energy for it.

That's my brief update, and now it's back to work for me. I'll be back later on tonight when I'm at the library.

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

I'm not sure where this is going to go....

But I'm posting, anyway.

I'm hoping that this Reuben link will work, so let's give it a shot:

My week thus far has sucked dinosaur egg. I left the library early on Sunday because I didn't feel well. I left school yesterday because I didn't feel well. I stayed home from school today because I woke up tired and still somewhat headachy and I have more than 40 sick days banked, so I figured, "why not?" I've also been taking pictures this week, so I figure I'll share them....

7:30 am Sunday, the police came to the door...granted it was my cop brother just getting off duty bringing around his old surround sound so we could have it. But still, you think he would have changed into sweats and not rolled around on my floor in his uniform and gun (look at his Right hip)

Reuben decided that he's tired of me knitting. Either I knit him something, or I teach him how to knit. I don't know what he thumbs.

Reuben's newest hand-me-down. It was mine until the other day when I discovered a small hole in it. Reuben doesn't care, he's a dog and has very little taste.

I'm noticing that this post is super weird. I think it's time to take another nap...

Sunday, December 17, 2006

I just don't even know

I feel so lousy today. My head is "woogalie" (Alanna-ese for fuzzy and head-achy) and I feel vaguely nauseated. I'm certainly tired. The topper might be that I don't feel like eating. I'm hungry, but I'm afraid of what will happen if I eat something. Plus, I was up in the middle of the night with stomach issues. Blah.

Challenge-wise, this week was a bust. I went to meeting this morning, but I didn't weigh in. I felt discouraged due to my nighttime stomach aches. So I went, I listened, I joked, but I did not weigh in. Next week is another week and it's sure to be better. I just have to be very decisive about what I'll be eating and when. No Panera bread bowl lunch for me this week. It's too risky. If I have enough points left next Saturday, maybe I will treat myself to it then. Then if I only have a few points left for the rest of the week, it's only about 12 hours. I can live with very few points for a coupla hours, for cryin' out loud.

Here's to Phase 1, week 2 of the Next 10 Challenge!

Thursday, December 14, 2006

Strugglin' at the library

I am having another rough night at the library...I don't know what it is. I think that eating sashimi for dinner is awesome, but the lack of carbs is killing me. I've got to plan better for next Thursday because this is nutty. I feel as if I could eat my way through a cardboard box. Sheesh. I am totally struggling though. I've got 4 flexies left and a dinner party to go to tomorrow. I'm doing the best I can, but it doesn't seem to be good enough. My plan is to tread lightly and do the best that I can.

On the upside is that I've had about 4 people tell me recently that I look like I've lost weight, I haven't, but I think my body is rearranging itself and that's totally cool.

I'm totally going to have to eat another dinner when I get home at 9. I don't know what to eat, but there has to be something. Seriously, next time I'm going to the sushi place that's 15 minutes from home to get brown rice sushi rolls, because the sashimi just ain't cutting it.

Okay, so this has totally turned into a rant of monumental proportions. I just can't help it, I'm really hungry.

I'm still in the game

My Next 10 Challenge update: I'm still in the games, but things are getting tight. They wouldn't be this tight if I had kept up with the exercise part of the challenge...but there is still time. My fatal flaw was that I forgot to pack a snack to eat with my sugar free latte between work and tutoring, so I got a crispy rice bar at Starbucks. My thinking was this: The prepackaged rice crispy treat bar are 2 points each, I figure 5-6 points tops. Come to find out 11 points. ELEVEN Points. I am dumbfounded. I would have done better with a bagel for crying out loud. Oh well, it's done. It's over. (I'm still astonished, though)

Anyway, I still have flexies left, and if I get in my 30 for the next 3 days I'll be able to up that.

I'm glad that there are about 5 of us doing this challenge:

If there are more of you, let me know! You can join at any time...we are in Phase 1, which ends on Jan 1st. I'm also looking for phase 2 suggestions.

Wednesday, December 13, 2006


I am having trouble commenting on my friend's blogs! I don't like it. I might have to switch to beta blogger just so I can still be friendly. Harumph.

I did get the bike trainer set up, and it looks pretty awesome. I'll have to post a picture later. To answer Marta's trainer question: Yes, it is a contraption that you use to make your bike a stationary bike. I love it! It's a tad loud, but my landlord is half deaf, and I won't use it past 8pm, and it's above his guest room, so it should bother him too much.

That's all I've got for now. I'll check in with ya'll later.

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Day 2 of 21

Things are going well here in Phase 1 of the Next 10 Challenge. Here are the stats:
  • 29/35 Flexies left (ie no fudging has taken place)
  • 0/90 minutes exercise done

That pedicure is going to be MINE!

Things are looking good. My major goal for the evening is to clean up the computer room enough to set up my bike trainer so I don't have to leave the house to get some exercise in. That'll be cool, right? It will eliminate one of my biggest excuses...the dreaded...well I don't have time to actually get to the gym, find parking, and wait for a machine. I will have a machine right in my own apartment. Clever, eh?

Monday, December 11, 2006

Getting my duckies in a row

I'm currently waiting to do about a million things at once. I'm:
  1. waiting for the auto glass guys to call and tell me when the parts will be in and when I can drop off the car
  2. making polenta chips. The polenta is cooling on the stove right now as I type this.
  3. wondering why after my email explanation to my department as to why I'm not at work today, the crazy one had to share that her husband was in a very minor fender bender this weekend...but pretty much nothing else. Apparently, she's gotta do everything, and I mean everything, that I do and when I do it, too. Lol. I'm sure it's just a bad coincidence, but she didn't need to send me a whole email about it.
  4. avoiding Christmas cards...I should be doing them as I'm home and all, but I'm still procrastinating.

On WW note, I'm naming today as day one as the "Next 10 Challenge". Marta and I are looking to get into the lower set of 10 numbers on the scales...the dreaded 150s. I don't think that we'll be able to get there by January 1st realistically, so really this is phase 1 of a larger challenge. So for phase 1 I'd like to be under 165 by January 1st. If you want to join it, but all means do so. Here are the points of the challenge this far:

  • Sticking to your eating plan. No fudging it on Core or Flex. If you're on another plan, that's great, but you know how to "fudge it" and you've got to avoid it.
  • 3 days of exercise a week, a minimum of 30 minutes at a shot. I'm talking you've got to break a sweat kind of exercise. Not sweating buckets, but rosy cheeks, slightly moist kind of sweat.
  • Set a realistic goal. Mine is to get under 165 by January 1st. If my WW is open on New Year's eve, I'll try to get it done by then, but that's a personal note.
  • Think of a good reward. I'm going to treat myself to a pedicure if I get below 165. (Once I get into the 150s and my size 10s fit nicely on a consistent level, I'm going to treat myself to really good, really expensive jeans.)

I also took note of my bodily measurements this morning (hey, I'm really bored and a glutton for punishment). I'm going to start recording them once a month. I think they are far more important than what they scale says. Hell, I wouldn't care if I weight 186 again, if I had a 26 inch waist and I fit into a size 8 pants comfortably. I would probably be green and be able to lift cars over my head, but I'd be healthy and that's the point.

Regardless, I'm open to any suggestions.

Sunday, December 10, 2006


Yeah, I woke up this morning to find that someone smashed both of my driver side windows. My brother (cop) and another officer came by and decided it was a hit and run. There are speckles of white paint on my car, white smudges on my rood rack, both driver side window smashed....but my driver's side mirror is untouched. They believe it was either a white SUV or a truck that bounced off my car (maybe twice) and possibly was carrying a load which put paint on my roof rack. It's just very odd. I suggested that because it happened between 1 am and 7:30 this morning that maybe the person not just carrying a load, but maybe loaded as well. Poop.

I did go to meeting this morning, and I'm up a pound. I'm not too upset with that. It'll come off again. We also went over all the changes in the new program, and got to look at all the new materials that you can buy. I bought myself a new 3 month journal. It's pretty cute and I think it'll work out for me.

Thankfully for me, but not for the library.... It isn't open today, and may not be open tomorrow because there was a small fire in the boiler room and now there is no heat in the building. I told the woman who called me, "Well, thank God we're moving to the new building soon" which made her laugh. I might call into work tomorrow and use a personal day, as my insurance agent will be calling me with all the details tomorrow and I'll have to set up times to get new windows put in and so on and so forth.

I think I'm going to go have a big drink now, I think I could use it.

Saturday, December 09, 2006

A Post about poor Reuben

First Chris teases him about grooming his "baby"

Then SHE's back...Una the terror. At least they're getting along for the moment...

Friday, December 08, 2006

Blogger Beta

Anyone out there know the advantages/disadvantages to Blogger Beta? I've been asked if I want to switch and I'd like to know what I'm getting into...

Thursday, December 07, 2006

I'm frickin' starvin' over here!

I'm at job #2 and I am so hungry I am getting cranky. I already ate a banana, mango, and sashimi. I have 9 flexies left between now and Sunday morning. There are cookies in the staff lounge and my candy machine, which I could easily open up and eat some dark chocolate M&Ms. I'm trying to resist, but I must admit, it's getting difficult and it's not even 7pm!

Calgon, take me away!


I did not eat any of the cookies or candies. I went home, put my pajamas on and hung out under the voers and didn't think about food. And I'm okay. Yay!

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Wednesdays are long

Wednesday is not a fun day to have as a long day. Granted, the stuff I get done with worthwhile. I do my regular 7:45-2:25 job, then I tutor from 3:35-4:45, then I run a few errands and wind up at a second meeting. Long? Yes. Worth it? Yup...especially the tutoring. Good cash in that gig.

I've got an "almost core" ww mac and soy cheese casserole in the over. Reuben has eaten and done all his biz. I can relax in front of the tube, knit, and day dream about how the department meeting is going to go tomorrow considering admin is questioning why I've done most of the testing even though I have a tighter schedule. Nutjob is starting to sink into the abyss of her own making. I pity her in a sense...she's caught in a lie and can't find her way out. Oh well.

So, Marta and I are trying to come up with a good challenge. She suggested a 19 day challenge for following plan perfectly and getting to the gym 3 times a week. I like those ideas. I'd also like to do a challenge eventually that has something to do with losing inches instead of pounds.....I don't know if this is the time. anyone out there have any ideas, or would like to join us?

Monday, December 04, 2006

Baby, it's cold outside

It is finally getting cold around here. I saw flurries this afternoon, and I'm telling you, it had better full on snow soon or I might go mad. the cold is making me crazy hungry today, though.

Reuben is certainly trying to dress for mom dug this out for Reuben to wear today:

Awesome, right? Reu just knows how to look cool.

Changes and Motivation

I'm getting really antsy about the changes Weight Watchers is making to the program. I know that they are rolling them out this upcoming week, so I should find out on Sunday, but I'm excited. With new additions come new products, so I'm hoping for a revamped journal. I'm hoping that the changes will keep me motivated. I'm hoping that they'll help the rest of you who are getting the holiday-lack-of-motivation-blues.

And speaking of motivation, Marta, do you have any ideas for a challenge that we can do since we're both are in the 160s and are desperate to come out on the 150s side? Should it be an activity challenge? And eating challenge? A weight loss challenge, or a combination of the 2? and what would the winner get? So many choices! I just don't know what to do.

Sunday, December 03, 2006

She's crafty....

This post is inreference to Trixie and Marta's responses to this post.

I haven't done many quilts in my life, maybe 4 of various sizes. A couple of wall hangings, the one you saw in the picture with Reuben, and another one that is still just a quilt top and actually needs to be quilted...ooops! I saw them completely by hand, except for the first step in the binding process....I've got to learn to sew a straight line on my machine....I did that on the big quilt to increase the sturdiness of the binding.

Here are my current projects:

  • Flying geese quilt made from scraps and fat quarters I've got lying around.
  • Green cotton scarf
  • Blue micro fleece scarf

Reuben's current projects:

  • sleeping
  • snoring
  • dreaming that he's chasing squirrels

Down and not out

I am please to announce that I am back down to 167 this morning, according to the official scales at Weight Watchers. There are also rumors that Weight Watchers will be unrolling the program changes during the week of Dec 10-16th, so I am excited to see what the changes are to the Core program. Plus, my WW center hasn't had any 12 week books in a while, so my leader thinks they have probably reworked them somehow. I hope it's awesome and not a horrible change...I try to use the 12 week book to keep me centered during the week. I hope the new version doesn't suck eggs.

So, because I'm down 3 pounds, I'm not out of the running for WW. I'm feeling pretty motivated right now and it helps that when I asked Chris what he wanted for dinner tonight he told me I could make whatever I wanted to eat. I'm thinking fish and veggies....maybe even brussels sprouts if I can find them at the grocery store. (They are hard to find sometimes)

In other news:

  • I seem to have twisted my knee in my sleep, so now I have a hot, slightly swollen knee that hurts shin I do pretty much anything. I think a stop at the orthopedist might be needed. Poo.
  • I have yet to take pictures of my new quilting squares, but I think I'm going to have the time to do so tonight, so I hope you enjoy them when I post later.
  • The worms are fine. I'm going to be separating some out and putting them back into their old container so I can bring them to show the 1st graders I work with. They are totally excited about it.
  • Chris told me yesterday that my in-laws were going to come for a visit today while I'm at work. This prompted me to wash all the dishes (had to do it twice, because there were so many), swiffer the kitchen floor, organize my work/tutorial/committee bags. He called me at the library a little while ago to let me know he's going to their house because his mom isn't feeling well. I'm happy about that because I don't feel the apartment was as clean as I would have liked it to be for them to visit and I'm also happy that the original plan made me get done a bunch of things I had been putting off.
  • I'm giving up temporarily on knitting socks. I don't feel ready to turn a heel, or make a gusset. I am going to use my grandmother's circular knitting needles to make a nice scarf or two, as my old one is currently biting the dust.

I think that's all I've got for now. I'll be back later, provided I have the time to take pics of my current projects.....


Okay, so it's only been like a half hour since I wrote this post, but I had to tell you that while I was leaving the library on break I nearly ran into my first serious boyfriend. I'm glad it was nearly, because to this date, I'm pissed that I let him treat me badly during our last month or so together, and I also would be tempted to flaunt the fact that I never got back together with him, even though he begged, and that I'm married and he ain't. Phew.

I also made a trip to the grocery store that's down the block and bought brussels sprouts and bananas. Score!

Thursday, November 30, 2006

The one where the blogger goes nutty

Ya know, I wish that I had the nuggets to start an anonymous blog about my crazy co-worker, but somehow I think she would find out. When I do post about how crazy she really is, I make sure I do it from home or the library so I can't be accused of using school time to defame her or anything. I don't mind updating the blog about food during my lunch because that is my time.

Anyway, she pulled some nonsense on my that is part of her old MO that she was told to stop. You have to remember that this woman hates me. So, last year, she would tell me that she had a meeting with our supervisor and that the supervisor made a remark about me that was slightly negative, or that something she did that was majorly bad was "no big deal". When speaking to my supervisor about it, after I was commanded to go in and speak to the supervisor, I discovered that it was all a series of lies to make me unsettled. A tactic, a plan to get the upper hand. Tuesday her TA, J__, covered her classes, Wednesday, I covered her second period class and the kids were really good. In fact, I dare say, better for me than they are for her. She came back to work today and apologized to me for the class' bad behavior. I told her that they were fine. She looked at me and cocked her head and said, "Well, J__ sent me an email telling me how horrible they were for you". J__ never sent that email. She did send an email about how bad the other classes she covered were bad, not the one I covered, because they were good. So, I went and spoke to my supervisor, who had told me to come to her if any of those things ever started again. I also talked about how she stirs the pot when there is a disagreement in our department, how she hasn't done her fair share of the testing, how she blurts out her accomplishments and that she's in a doctoral program despite the fact that we may be talking about a completely different topic. I think she's beginning to lose it due to the stress of taking on so many classes.

I'm feeling less stressed now that I have in a little while, despite not being home since 7am, and that I've been on the go non-stop since. I'm so glad I talked to her. And for once, I don't feel like a rat.

Title? Do I really need a title?

I can't think of a good title as of yet this morning, and I'm not going to try to give it one. I don't think it's a law, so I'm not going to feel bad about it, so there!

This is going to be brief, as I plan to blog again later about quilting so I can include pictures and the like.

I'm just here to report that things are going well food-wise despite increasing work stress concerning the crazy one is back to her deceitful undermining commentary. Plus, she's got the flu and came to work to infect all of us. Isn't that nice? I'm seriously considering talking to our supervisor to make her aware that looney bin is up to her old tricks. I think she'd be interested in knowing. I wish I could make a blog just on her a coworker from hell blog, but I'm afraid she'll find it...

Other than that, things are going a-okay. Food is good. Health is not bad (a second round of antibiotics is making that go well) Who can complain?

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

So Far, So good

So far this week is going well WW wise, so I am very pleased with myself. Plus, Marta taught me a new trick:

(I removed it because I made it too big. Crap.)

I'm very impressed with myself at the moment....I've got 33 of 35 flexies left! I'm hoping that I keep this chipper attitude.

As for other news:

  • The crazy coworker is out sick. She emailed her plans, and I emailed her back with a yes or no question. I got back a 2 paragraph email that didn't answer my question, but was really defensive. I asked if she were going to be using a certain poem with her English class...I was trying to be helpful, not mean. Paranoia abounds!
  • I started a new quilt. It's a pattern called "Flying Geese". It's an easy way to use up all my scraps, and still have a very pattern oriented quilt. I have found out, however, that most of my scraps are purple and blue. Oops. Not much diversity in my scrap basket!

I'll be back later, I'm sure....

Sunday, November 26, 2006


I'm back in the Weight Watchers world. I went to meeting today and I weighed in at 170.0. Considering this past week was Thanksgiving, how sick I was, and the fact that I was in denial until yesterday that I was depressed about my grandmother not being around for Thanksgiving for the first time in my life, I think only gaining .6 was not too bad.

I am, however, ready to kick arse and take names. I've got fish defrosting for dinner. I've still got those brussels sprouts waiting to be roasted. I am ready to go! I'm going to try to make a dinner/lunch plan for the week. I've got to set a goal instead of flopping around like a fish out of water. Grrr. I've got my game face on.

Other news:
  • I'm stuck on the making socks thing. I think I'm afraid to learn how to turn a heel or something. I should work on it some more and force myself to do it.
  • I want to start another quilt. I'd like to make a log cabin quilt, but considering how long it took me to make the last one, plus the fact that I've got tons and tons of scraps that would make a beautiful quilt without spending a dime, perhaps I'll do a scrap quilt first and ask for JoAnn Fabrics gift cards for Christmas.
  • The worms are doing fine. They are no longer trying to sneak out of their box. They seem to be happy and producing a lot of "soil". My tomatoes will be happy this summer.
  • My mother bought tiny little turtles yesterday in China Town. They are adorable. It makes me want to get myself some turtles, or maybe some garter snakes. I miss have reptiles/amphibians.
  • I'm jealous of Marta's hats.

Friday, November 24, 2006

A whole lot of nothin'

It's 11am and I'm still in my pajamas. I'm feeling grodie to the max, so I ate some toast (not core) and I'm going to take a nap soon. I do, however, have a hankerin' to post some pictures.

This is the quilt I finished recently. Reuben has decided that he loves it the most. If you're curious, he's wearing a Notre Dame sweat shirt, cuz he's a fan.

And if you look closely, you will see that yes, our sheets do have sock monkeys on them.

I'm not sure why, but I needed to revisit the evil sock monkey that resides in our apartment. Reuben loves him the most out of any of us.

I actually had a couple more picture on here, but Blogger decided to eat them. Boooooooo.

Thursday, November 23, 2006

The quick, steep slide downward

I've had a slip, folks. It's all because I'm sick. It started Tuesday night when I felt so crappy that I ransacked my pantry for something easy to make. I wound up making a Knorr pasta pouch thing. I'm not even sure what flavor it was, although I think it was ham and onion, because it was from Hungary. Did I figure out how to cook it? Yes. Do I know how many points? No, it was in Hungarian, for cripes sake! (lol) Yesterday I was not inspired enough to make a bowl of cereal for breakfast, it just seemed to hard. So I got another muffin at Starbucks. Then for lunch I had the dreaded McDonald's. Last night for dinner I had diet soda and Hershey's nuggets. I know what you're thinking..."but Alanna, I thought you didn't like milk chocolate". That is true, but I love toffee and almond.

On the health side of this, my food choices got worse because I was feeling worse and worse. Eventually it got to the point where everytime I blew my nose, it felt like someone was suctioning the inside my my head with a Dyson vacuum. Plus, the coughing was making me insane. Or, at the very least, cranky. I did get to the doctor, and I was expecting my usual Bronchitis Z-pack. Nope, I got a Leva-pak, which is a stronger anti-biotic, and the good Doc must think that what I've got is pretty bad because she gave me Tussionex, which is a narcotic cough medicine. Yipes! That stuff makes your brain feel mushy, but in the best way possible. Both have side effects of: dizziness, fatigue and loss of appetite. I'm supposed to drink as much water as I can possibly can. Fun!

I know that once I start feeling better, that it'll be fairly easy to get back on track. I've got brussels spouts in the fridge, and all I'll have to do tomorrow is roast them and then I'm golden.

Okay, I'm done with my pity party. I'm going to take a hot shower with a Sudacare tablet, and then I'm going to lay around and do a whole lotta nothing until it's time to go somewhere and eat!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Can I join Brussels Sprouts Anonymous?

If there really were a BSA group, I would join. I love Brussels sprouts. I just ate leftovers from last night and I'm in sprout heaven. Yummers.

I wanted to post yesterday, but the internet was down at work and by the time I got home from all my jobs yesterday, I was beat. All I wanted to do ws make dinner, get in bed, and watch some tube. Which is exactly what I did. It was especially fine because I put the quilt I finished on our bed the other night. I will post pictures of Reuben enjoying the quilt later on when I get home.

Speaking of jobs, I might be adding a new one to the list: adjunct professor. There is a good chance that I'll be teaching a graduate course entitled: Adolescent Literature and Secondary Teaching Methods. I'm psyched, it's totally up my alley. After all, I am a Literacy Specialist (fancy term for reading teacher) who is also certified in secondary English. I'm psyched. I hope it works out because it should be awesome.

Now to the nitty gritty. I didn't allow myself enough time for breakfast this morning, so I bought a muffin at Starbucks. A pumpkin cream cheese muffin. I'm not sure how many points it's going to turn out to be...more than 10, certainly. I did pull out 75% of the cream cheese filling and threw it away, so whatever the official points are, I'm sure I can trim it down by a point or 2. I've got to remind myself that I have tons and tons of flexies left for the week. It's just a matter of balance.

Sunday, November 19, 2006

Pancake Sunday

I have a few different topics to share with ya'll today:
  1. I have started a tradition around my apartment that I hope carries through to when Chris and I have children. It's Pancake Sunday. After weighing in at WW, I come home to find Chris and Reuben still in bed. Well, to be honest, Reuben meets me at the door and then runs in and gets back in bed with Chris, but I digress. I make multigrain pancakes from a Trader Joe's mix and today I experimented with it a little bit. I added a tablespoon of Fibersure the batter so it would have an extra 15 grams of fiber...about 4 extra per serving. Chris said the pancakes were great, and really, you couldn't taste the difference. Provide that there are no disasterous after effects, I'm going to continue doing that in the future.
  2. I'm still fighting the same nasty cold. I'm feeling better, but I'm still congested and I'm having to clear my throat a bit. I'm taking Sudafed Deep Sinus to get my head to clear by making it run, and I'm drinking lots of hot tea, including Breathing Thyme tea, which smells like I'm drinking poultry seasoning, but it is helping some. Plus I'm drinking tons and tons of water because I've got an unquenchable thirst and it's making me nuts.
  3. I gained 2.4 this week at weigh in, and unfortunately I'm not the only one. I'm blaming this on not this past week, but the week before where everything went awry. Plus, I'm drinking tons and tons of water, but I'm not running to the bathroom often, so I think that my cold meds are making me retain water. I'm just going to stick to my guns and assume that by next Sunday, this will all be behind me and I will have at least lost the 2.4. I'm hoping to lose a little more than that, but with Thanksgiving on Thursday and two dinners for Chris and me on that very day, I don't know if I can do more than that. Only time will tell.

All in all, life is good. It's Pancake Sunday, fer cryin' out loud!

Thursday, November 16, 2006

At work and bored

I'm at job #2 and it's pouring out, so there is no one here at the the children's room of the library except for me and the librarian. It's been this way for hours. We've used up all our topics of conversation, so now she's reading and I am blogging.

I wanted to write about my obsessive compulsive tracking. Not only do I do it using the planner on the etools beta thingy, but I also keep one of those 12 week journals. On the bottom of each of the pages, I put the minimum number of WFPs I should have remaining at the end of that day. Am I sick or what? Oh, and God forbid that my online tracker and my paper tracker don't line up points wise, then I panic. It's really sad.

I just left a comment on the Living to Feel Good about the HBO special "Thin". It followed the loves of 4 anorexic women while they were in the Renfrew treatment center. It was incredibly sad. I'm wondering if any of you saw that documentary....

Second Meeting

I really like going to a second meeting. It's helping me to keep my focus, and it's interesting to have a second leader's point of view, plus a whole different crowd of people with different experiences. I really enjoy it and I can't believe how it helps me keep my head together when it comes to making the right choices.

Last night my leader said 2 things that really hit home for me:

  1. "What you eat in private, you wear in public"- this struck a cord with me. How often have I filched a cookie and didn't track it thinking that it wouldn't make a difference? Plenty of times. Those calories do add up, and frankly, I'm tired of "wearing" them.
  2. "You should prepare and prevent rather than repair and repent"- This is my new mantra. I'm trying to get into the habit of preparation. This includes mental rehearsal, and extreme preparation (like making polenta chips to go to SOB's with).

I took a peek at the scale this morning, and things seem to be traveling in the right directions, I'm happy. That combined with the good meeting last night, I'm feeling rather motivated.

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

A myriad of things

I intended to write a nice, long, hopefully funny post yesterday concerning the dangers of binging on roasted brussels sprouts. I was going to do it at lunch, put I let a student use my computer instead. I was going to do it during a prep, but I did actual work instead. Then the sneezing hit.

I sneezed for almost 40 minutes straight. Not little dainty sneezes, but big deadly man sneezes. It got to the point where my nose and throat hurt from the sneezing. Then it passed. At that point, I decided that once I got home for the evening I would try to write a funny post about sneeze addiction.

The school day went on, and once I got home I helped my mother bring my grandmother's cat to her new home. ON the way back home at about 6:30 pm, the sneezing started up again. Not as intense, but certainly painful. Damn. I had no energy to do anything but make core chili and polenta. I considered teaching Reuben how to cook, but his lack of thumbs made that difficult. Oh, and he doesn't speak that much English.

This morning I have a Rudolph-red nose, congested head and throat so raw that it hurts to drink anything, especially coffee. It's not a sore throat but feels more like it's chaffed from all the sneezing. Crap.

On a happier note, I'm still following the core plan and doing well. I am addicted to roasted brussels sprouts, which is fine because I can't think of one person in history who ever got fat from eating too many spouts...unless they were au gratan. I'm still going nuts with the polenta, but again, it's made from corn meal and water, which I make baked chips out of. I don't think that's a big issue either.

Today is Wednesday so it's second meeting day, provided I survive the day. I've already had 3 people tell me I should have stayed home. So far, this does not reach my criteria for staying home. No fever, no phlegm, no at home pass. I've brought lysol and purell with me today for the students to use so they don't get what I have. We'll see how it goes. I am going to avoid the school nurse for the remainder of the day.

Monday, November 13, 2006

Back at work

I'm back at work and I have to admit that it's going pretty well. I'm getting re-organized, and slowly getting into the grind. The case of Diet Coke I stashed in my desk is helping tremendously.

I got a sugar free vanilla latte this morning on my way to work, which is core. My soup that I just ate is core. I think I might make almost core mac and cheese tonight. I'm all about being "good" this week. I didn't gain last week and I don't want last week's indiscretions to catch up with me, so I've got to be very careful.

Sunday, November 12, 2006

Forgive me, Blogger, for I have sinned

It's been I don't know how long since my last confession. Church-wise, it was 5/04, blogger wise, um, probably the entry titled "negative 46". Back to the confession...I was on my way to work at job #2, and somehow I found myself at McDonald's on the other side of town. I still got to work on time, but with a Quarter Pounder with cheese meal. I ate it, it's over. This happens to me once in a while...about once in 3 months I'll crave McDonald. Now I've got a lead ball in the middle of my only hope is to drink so much diet coke that the acid eats through the lead.

On the upside, I maintained 167 at my weigh-in this morning. I also made 0 point soup (which is also core) in my crock pot and used up a few half-used bags of frozen veggies in the process. So not only do I have soup to help me along this week, I cleaned out my freezer a little bit.

I've decided that I've got to plan better if I'm going to make it through the holidays unscathed. I'd like to wake up on January 1st and weigh under 160. 159.8 would be just fine by me. I'd have to lose about a pound week from now until then, plus one week of 1.2. That is totally do-able, if I can plan through the holidays. I think that's a decent plan, no?

Friday, November 10, 2006

Shiny, Shiny Subaru

I am now the proud owner of an '07 subaru Forester. It is red, similar to the one to the left of this page. I am very excited to not have to look at my temperature gage every 5 seconds for fear that the next air pocket in my radiator is going to overheat my car and totally destroy it. I am a happy lady. Even better, Chris did not have to cosign for it. I always worry when applying for a loan on my own, but there is no reason to be...I've got good credit, I'm just an anxious person.

Also, here is a picture of Reuben showing what he likes to do while I'm on the computer. He'll make noises until I put a blanket on him, then he sighs a few times and goes to sleep. He's such an odd dog.

I'd also like to report that some of my worms are trying to escape. I'm not quite sure why, so I put some crushed Tums in there with them to reduce the acidity level, and I put in some old broccoli. Apparently acidity and lack of food are two of the reason that worms will try to leave. Since I've added those items, less seem to want to emigrate, but we'll see.....

Thursday, November 09, 2006

Negative 46?

I did not follow my eating plan. I have been accountable, however, and I have written down everything that has gone into my big gob. I am at -46 Flex points. Yes, I used my allotted 35 and then ate 46 more. I have no regrets. Am I back on track? Yes, I'm having a core-ific day. I'm going to work on having a core-ific day again tomorrow. It has got to be the stress of the past few all the eating out my family has done in on Tuesday and Wednesday. 23 of those points were alcohol. Not all at once, mind you, but still.

I'm also buying a new car. I'm trading in my Subaru for a newer Subaru. So I'm going to be totally broke...but I'll have a shiny new car. It'll actually be a really good thing. My car is slowly, but surely, deteriorating. Even if Subaru gives me half the money they quoted me for my old one, I'm still on it like stink on a skunk. I don't want to be stuck this winter if my car decided to go bonkers for no reason, so '07 Forester, here I come.

I'm also proud to announce that I am almost completely done with my quilt. I just have about an hour left of sewing and then I get to remove the basting. My next project is teaching myself to knit socks. I'll keep ya'll updated on might be great, or it might be nuts. Only time will tell.

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Retail Therapy

I decided that I needed some retail therapy today, so my mom and I went to Target to see what damage we could do. I had to buy tights and spray bleach anyway, so it had a good reason behind it. I'm pretty happy with what I bought for myself. Aside from the Target version of Purell (it's cold and flu season at school so I'm just getting prepared for that) I bough myself a Halloween T-shirt for 50 cents. It's black with white bones that form a heart in the center of the shirt. Yeah, I'm going to wear it all the time. I like it that much. I also got Mickey Mouse post-its for a dollar so I can give them to a co-worker who is very sensitive about a Disney shirt that he has. Another reading teacher, Cathy, and I like to torture him a he'll be getting them inter-office mail when I get back to work.

Food is going well, I'm saving some FPs for the lunch we are having tomorrow after the funeral. I don't think food is going to be an issue because the quality of restaurant my aunt picked is awful. I'm a stress eater, but I need comfort foods, not deli meats. I know my bitching about the lunch tomorrow might sound cold, but my grandmother ate well. She bought and cooked herself asparagus and lamb chops. Having her remembrance lunch at a deli kind of place just feels weird. I'm digressing, so back to my stress eating plan....I plan to bring some WW bread in my purse, just in case. It's a totally weird thing to do, but I need options.

Now that I'm processing all this food/stress eating/freaking out stuff, I'm realizing that I should be proud of myself. I could totally use this situation to my mouth's advantage and just eat until I pop. I know I'm certainly tempted. Everyone at WW would understand. My ass, however, would not be so forgiving and it would show on the scale. I have to remember that the reasons my grandmother lived so long and so well is that she danced for most of her life and she ate well. She had a veggie or a fruit at every meal. She ate healthy snacks. She even let herself have a small dessert at night with her decaf coffee. Everything in moderation...her life is proof that it works.

Sunday, November 05, 2006

Just stuff

First and foremost, I'd like to thank Marta and Jess for their nice cyber thoughts the other day. Thanks guys, you're awesome.

Secondly, I'm proud to inform you that I lost 1.6 at WI this morning. Probably would have been more if I hadn't had 2 big glasses of wine last night and I woke up totally cottonmouthed and bloated. Blech.

I'm also excited because this past Thursday, while I was at job #2, I was reading Amber's blog and I was totally into the socks she knitted herself. I love socks, and learning to knit them would be awesome. I decided that the next time I saw my grandmother I would ask her to teach me. I went home from the library to find that my grandmother had passed (booooo). I now own all of my grandmother's knitting and crochet needles, some of which were her mother's. This hand me down set has circular needles and guess who borrowed a book on knitting socks. Me. I'm going to learn to knit socks as a way to 1) remember my grandmother, who learned to knit at the age of 5 and knitted every day until her last and 2) a way to keep my grandmother's materials in use and appreciated.

I've also decided that I miss triathlon training. I'm going to start again this week. First of all, I'm going to need something to help reduce the stress of this upcoming week. Plus, if I want to live as well as my grandmother for as long as my grandmother, I'm going to have to take better care of myself. She was a dancer. I always laughed when she would tell me stories about how she danced for the troops during WW2, or how she danced on the radio. When she taught dance out of her home and my father had to be in her class so another boy in the neighborhood wouldn't be the only boy. How my aunt and 2 uncles put on little shows for the elderly in their old neighborhood and the name of their show was "Two hits and a miss". She was active all her life. She made sure she went for a walk every single day. I need to take care of myself that well. If I make time for me now, I'll have more time for me later. Right?

Thanks for letting me wear your eyeballs out with this stuff. I need the release! I'm sure I'll be back with more later on today.

Saturday, November 04, 2006

Introducing, the hungry

I came home last night ot discover that my bucket of worms had arrived! I know you all think I'm nuts, and that my husband thinks I'm nuts, but how much more earth friendly can you get? Mother Nature thinks I'm a genius. With this mere bucket of worms, I can prevent about 100lbs a year of garbage from entering landfills. That number will get higher as my worms propogate and I have to move them into a larger container.

Today, they will be eating egg shells, banana peel and tea bags. Nice!

If I get any more granola, I'm going to have to live on a commune, change my name to "Moonbeam", and start wearing buffalo sandals....sheesh!

The good, the bad, and the hungry

Things around here are all nuts. I'm going to be wonderful 93 year old grandmother died and we are all in shocked. It doesn't seem real to me in any sort of way. I know I wasn't the only one who thought she would make it to 100 easily. She lived in an apartment, cooked all her own meals, knitted hats for the homeless, made toilet paper "hats" for all the new people who moved into her building. She arranged for the local elementary school to send in kindergarteners and first graders to entertain the elderly in her apartment complex. She was an awesome woman.

I guess the fact that she passed is the bad, the fact that she lived independently until her last moment is the good. the hungry I will make a new post, as I don't want to mix such a serious subject with a silly one....

Thursday, November 02, 2006


Is it wrong that I'm totally in love with polenta? I used to just like it, but now that I'm making it fresh (from a box) instead of using the Trader Joe's tube, I've gone buck wild. I've been using it instead of brown rice when eating Mexican dishes. I make chips out of it and eat them as a snack. In fact, tonight is the night I go to job #2 and I hurried home after job #1 so I'd have enough time to make the polenta and then bake them into chips to have with my leftover chicken picadillo. Plus, I made extra so I could take it to the workshop with me tomorrow. I've gone made with polenta passion.

I'm actually at job #2, and I'm waiting for the library to clear out a little bit so I can heat up my dinner and eat it. I'm starving! I'm trying to be patient, sit here, smile and drink my water, but man, don't these people have dinner to go home and eat? That's my stomach talking, my brain is happy because there are so many children here checking out books....

Marta, if I'm so clever, how come I screwed up the custard? I basically made salmon with noodles and very fluffy scrambled eggs. I still maintain that it is very tasty....I bet it's even better when you make it right!

Salmon Noodle Thing

I made the Salmon noodle casserole, but I screwed up the part with the milk and eggs...I thought I had done it right, but I didn't simmer the milk, I let it get too hot. So my casserole is more of a Salmon Noodle Egg Casserole. It tasted pretty good regardless, and I will try it again soon. Meanwhile, I will be eating the leftovers of this batch, which as I mentioned before, ain't bad at all. I did add one extra ingredient. I put panko bread crumbs on top. I used just enough for flavor and crunch, but little enough that it works out to be 0 points per serving. I'm feeling pretty clever.

I went to the second meeting last night. My non-crazy coworker couldn't go, as her daughter's volleyball team made the finals. I can understand that. I was going anyway. I think she just didn't want to be there alone. I personally don't care. I can be alone doing almost anything, but I digress. The leader was just as awesome as I remembered. No nonsense and witty in the same breathe. In the meeting there were 2 women with Down Syndrome and she treated them with such respect, letting them share their thoughts and ideas, but at the same time not letting them take over because they are enjoying the attention from the leader and the other member. She had us clap 3 or 4 times for the things that they shared. You could tell from their body language that those women were so happy to be there and able to share worthwhile comments. It was awesome. I think I will be continuing going to that meeting.

All in all, this week is going by fairly well. Tomorrow is going to be the hard day because I'll be driving to Massachusetts to a conference. I know I'll be getting a venti skim SF vanilla lathe at the 24 hour starfish in Danbury (it's the one off of the 1st exit in CT on the NY side, on the border of Danbury). I'm going to pack a ton of core food, but they are providing lunch and breakfast. I'll have at least 15 FPs to burn if the temptation gets to be bad...I'm just hoping it doesn't get that bad!

One last rambling thing, did any of you watch Caroline Rhea on her most recent comedy special on Bravo? It was called "Rhea's Anatomy". During the first 10 minutes she blurts out something like: Man, I'm going to give myself like 45 APs the way I'm sweating up here" ...she later goes on to talk about how she cheats on WW. I thought it was funny. I like it when celebrities admit to being on WW. Jenna McCartney did WW after she had her baby. I love that.

Okay, I think I'm done talking. I have to work at the library tonight, so I'm sure I'll be back.

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Ding, Dong the witch has a migraine!

I'm at work on my prep period, but I am "ahead" on what I need to get done for today in order to feel like a productive individual, so I thought I'd check-in. I think half the reason I was so productive is that my crazy coworker went home sick with a migraine. Don't get me wrong, I hope she gets home okay and that it passes quickly...but also: Yay for me! I don't have to hear the sighing, the complaining and the bragging! Yee-haw!

My big WW plan for the day is to attend a second meeting this evening. Wednesday is a dangerous day for me. This is the day where it all comes together and I have the motivation to stick to it, or it all unravels and I heave out a big "SCREW IT!" a the top of my lungs. The second meeting worked last week, even though the meeting was practically dead, so I'm sure a more lively meeting will help me even more. Plus, I mentioned that I was a member in a casual conversation with one of our social workers, and she was looking to go to a WW meeting to rejoin. We are going together this evening. So, I'm not only supporting myself, but I'm helping a coworker get back into the meeting room. Nice!

Well, I've got students to work with...or as I like to call it, "harass", so I'll catch you all on the flip side.

Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Happy Halloween!

Since I'm on a posting roll....


I've got more pictures, but Blogger doesn't seem to want to publish more than 3 at a time.

Una will not leave Reuben alone...evah!
She stole his chewie, even though she had one of her own.

She adores him.

All she wants is 100% of his attention.
It is so damned cute!


This is going to be a bit of a rant...but here goes: What does blogger have against my dog sleep over pictures? It won't post those, but it'll post this one? What gives?

By the way, this is a very clever photo, as these are Halloween costumes. My dog, in the foreground is dressed as me, and I'm in the back ground dressed as my dog, Reuben. We're good seamstresses, right?

Monday, October 30, 2006

Crackritas, weigh-ins, and dogs, oh my!

I promised Marta that I would post tonight concerning the ever coveted Crack Margaritas.

Friday night, Chris and I went out to our favorite Mexican restaurant to meet another couple for dinner. And crack margaritas, of course. I, being the ever gracious, loving and on antibiotics kind of wife that I am, volunteered to be designated driver. This was an awesome choice. Chris had 8 or 9 margaritas over 3 hours. Let me say it again. Chris had 8 or 9 over-proof, crack-filled, should be illegal in the state of NY margaritas. Not to mention the husband in the other couple had almost as many, and just recently lost 17 pounds because of an infection he had in his hip/buns area. These guys were wasted. We ladies just laughed and laughed and made butt jokes while they stammered and looked sheepish and goofy. I'm still regretting not bringing my camera. Boy am I feeling stupid about that one.

On the food front of that beautiful evening, I kept to one margarita, and then water after. I also made my own core polenta chips and brought them with me, nervous that I would be made fun of. Nope, the other lady in our party...also doing Weight Watchers. Woo-hoo.

Saturday night was another night out to dinner with astrophysicist doctorate friend who was visiting from Indiana. I drank a diet coke, and water, no beer (even though I really wanted one).

Sunday morning, I went to weigh in and I lost 2 pounds last week! I am so jazzed, especially since I had gone out to dinner both Friday and Saturday nights. I'm hoping to do almost as well this week. If I lose 1 pound I'll be happy.

Sunday night was doggie sleep over night. Una, my parent's pup, stayed at our place for the night. She wouldn't leave poor Reuben alone. She terrorized him. I'm sure the noise of 2 dogs scampering in our apartment terrorized our elderly landlord downstairs.

Damn Blogger won't let me post any pictures...and there will be dog pictures!

Friday, October 27, 2006

A let down

I did go to a seond WW meeting last night, only to discover that the leader who I thought would be there, was not. Instead of the peppy, no nonsense leader I wanted to see, it was a woman who just couldn't seem to get the members going. The members were quiet, they didn't share much. It was really a downer. It makes me think of my job as a Literacy Specialist...part of my job is to help teacher change their teaching stlye from passive to active. This lady was "chalk and talk" the whole way. Not fun.

On the upside, I found that the leader I wanted to see is there on Wednesday nights, which is great because the meeting is at 5:30, I tutor until about 5, so I can go to that meeting next week. Even better is that Wednesday is usually the day where everythign falls apart. I'm very happy with that discovery.

Food is still going well, I've got FPs abound. I'm going to the gym to earn 2 or 3 more so I can eat some Mexican tonight without guilt. I volunteered to the the desiganted driver so I can avoid the calorie laden crack-arita. Clever, right?

Thursday, October 26, 2006

Can you believe it?

It's Thursday and I still have a tone of flex points left! I don't know how I did it, but it's been done. I'm still going to a second meeting tonight. I need the support for the upcoming weekend where I'll be going out to dinner twice.

One of those nights is to my favorite Mexican Restaurant that has mind altering margaritas...that's going to be horrible. I don't know how many points is in one, but I have to have 1...then instead of a second, I could have a light beer. Just gotta gets some APs on Friday and I'll feel better about the situation. Saturday night should be easier, though, at least I hope so.

I truly wish that I could post my food planner from the WW site. That would so totally awesome, but it won't let me. That really stinks. I'm thinking of emailing them, part of me doesn't want to because I would get one of those auto-emails which are written like you're stupid. That roasts my bottom, as Darth would say.

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

A quickie

I am at job #1 (teaching) and my last 2 students were absent. The rumor is that their school district had the day off, so they were not required to be here today. What fun.

Things are still holding together for me when it comes to food. I'm glad that I had lunch all packed and ready for work this morning. Packing it at night is such a time saver. Everything seems to take three times as long in the morning. I know that may not be entirely true, but it seems to be that way. Maybe I'm just using more brain power than usual in the least these days. Antibiotics make me exhausted.

I'm at work, so I'm going to talk a little bit about work. I started a Live Journal account because one of my Creative Writing students wanted a different way to publish her work, so I taught her how to blog by using LJ. Now I have an account so I can post to her account. I'm also figuring I'll put some of my creative writing on it (if you can call it that) in order to model good writing behavior like writing through a whole class period, editing, revising, etc. She's 18, so I'm not super concerned about her. She's smart enough to not put pictures of herself, or use her real name. We had a long talk about it and she brought that stuff up. I'm glad she's got a good head on her shoulders.

Other aspects of work are okay. Crazy only sighed about twice an hour, which is not as much as she usually does. So things are good on that front.

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Getting the ball rolling

I know it's only day 2 of my Weight Watchers week, but I'm strangely motivated. It's almost frightening how fast these little light switches in my head and can turn on and off. I think it's that way for a lot of us. Some weeks we feel "on" and we seem to be able to get it all done without batting an eye, but those "off" weeks nothing seems to go right. I'm feeling strangely on. I've eaten well for 2 days, I've found the time to cook, I went to the gym for cardio yesterday (no weights until the Lyme antibiotics are done and the achiness goes). Crazy co-worker's constant sighing isn't making me cringe. (And when I say constant, I'm talking record breaking amounts of sighs. Like 3 in under 5 minutes. WTF?)

I'm hoping that this good feeling keeps up. I think I might treat myself to an extra meeting this week. I had to take Thursday night off from job #2 (the library) so I could travel to an out of state conference, which I'm not going to because I'm merely on the waiting list). Thursday night, in the past, has been the "oh screw it" night of record. If I can't regroup on Thursday, it's over for the week. I just need a really good week under my belt and then I have a better chance of getting into a good cycle of things.

Saturday, October 21, 2006

Keep a stiff upper lip

Yeah, my leg itches like hell, but rather than complain about it, I'm going to treat you to pics of the old and new library in my town. The new library isn't done yet, but it's getting really close....

This is the old library in my town. We knocked down a Carnegie building to build it...

This is the children's room in which I work. I've worked here for more than 19 years. I'm 33, so I'm sure you can figure it out....

This is the view from the children's room window. Aside from the crane in the lower half, it's a nice view of the Hudson, right?

Here is the new library, which is very obviously under construction. It should be done in about a month. No one can wait until we move in!

Friday, October 20, 2006

A Second Opinion

I went to my regular doctor today who put me on antibiotics to treat Lyme disease. I have many of the symptoms of very early Lyme and she'd rather be safe than sorry. I'm glad that someone with a medical degree listened to me and didn't give the the flea/bedbug brush-off. So, I'm achy, sore, and itchy, but I am so happy I didn't let it go when I thought the other guy was a quack. Trusting your gut is important. What if I let it go for a few weeks and I got really terrible Lyme symptom? Lyme can be debilitating.

Anyway, I'm on the antibiotics. I'm glad that I have no plans for this weekend other than lay around and watch TV with my dog and husband. I'll go to Weight Watchers on Sunday, but that is the extent of place I'm going by choice I think.

Thanks for bearing with me, folks! :)

Thursday, October 19, 2006

Not so much better

Question of the day: Would you take a doctor's diagnose seriously if when he gave it he was also picking his nose?

Huh, I didn't think so. New doctor at my allergist's office told me my giant welts were merely flea bites, and was not alarmed at all that they nurse noted that I had a low-grade fever. He didn't even flinch when I told him that my temperature is usually 97.3, so my temp being 99.something could possibly be worse. Nope, not even a blink. He told me how to get rid of fleas in my apartment and how to search for bedbugs. Um, I believed I mentioned about 100 times that I was bitten at work....4 hours after leaving my home. I also mentioned that I've had flea bites before and they have always been 1/10 of the size of what I've got now. I love it when a doctor doesn't believe you. I got a cortisone cream and that's it. I'm thinking if I still have a fever tomorrow, I'm going to my regular doctor.

As for crazy coworker, if she can't pull her crap together, my school will get rid of her. She's not tenured and they've got a file going on her bad habits so that they have good evidence as to why they can her ass. I know she's interviewing other places, and I'm glad. I don't think any good school will hire a already employed teacher mid-year without being suspicious. She makes me nuts. Today one of the women in our department did a presentation on something crazy is "interested" in. I used quotes because I noticed her playing with her cell phone during the presentation. No wonder she asks dumb questions...she's not paying attention.

I am on a tear the past couple of days...I'm so sorry everyone, it's just piling up non-stop it seems...

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

What a frickin' day

Actually, I've had worse days as a whole, but today had so many little annoying pieces that I just might watch Biggest Loser in bed. I've been in my pajamas since about 8 for squeezin' out tears.....I will post my issues with bullets to save time:

  • Crazy coworker decided that today would be a good day to give me her testing protocols, which had very obvious mistakes...mistakes that a monkey wouldn't make. I could have a severely reading disable student look up the information she screwed up and they would get it right. I'm tempted now to check the more complex part of the tests to see if she totally screwed up (because she screwed up the scoring of about 10 tests that I had to go back and fix to save her butt last month)
  • Crazy coworker also decided to lie about training she received. She says that she attended a training put forth by another member of our department....who hasn't done any trainings on the subject in which Crazy has shown up at. Bizarre.
  • Somehow, at about 10:30 this morning, I developed itchy spots on my left leg. They appear to be large bug bites...obviously, I'm somewhat allergic to whatever bit me. They itch like a bitch but are painful to the tough. Oh joy.
  • My car's thermostat decided to go bonkers on the way home. The needle would rise to "hot" and then lower to "not so hot" in a matter of seconds. My poor car is at the shop. This has happened before, I probably have some air in my radiator. We know what caused it the last time, but they don't know why I have an air pocket this time. I love my car, but not when I can't drive it.

On the upside, thought:

  1. I could have done worse with the food today. I held it together for the most part, and my indulgences are covered my by WFPs. No big.
  2. My mom is lending me her car, which is the same make as mine, but an automatic (how I love to drive clutch!)
  3. I am home and I am in my jammies and I can go to bed whenever I want. I might even take a benedryl for the itchy spots and be totally incoherent when my husband gets home from the gym.
  4. My dog is completely enamored of me. I love unconditional doggy love.

Sunday, October 15, 2006

So totally Amazon

Yesterday, my brother's girlfriend, Aimee and I went indoor rock climbing at The Cliffs in a town near to mine. Today, I'm feeling a bit tired, and a tad tight, but so motivated to get back into being active! We really had a great time, and we are going back soon to take a 3 hour beginner course so that we can learn to belay for one another. Once we know how to do that we can stay there all day on our $16 day pass.

I didn't go to WW this morning, but I'm going to try to get there sometime during the day tomorrow. I'm certainly going to try to go Hard Core tomorrow. I'm going to plan out my dinners and lunches. Breakfast is easy because I've got good cereal at home.

I really think that the climbing experience restarted my motivation. I'm relieved, quite frankly.

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Again with the poop

Yeah, I ate poop at Starbucks last week...and again today. Bruce, it ain't real poop, it's figurative poop. Processed white sugar poop. Poopity-poop-poop poop. You get the picture.

Work is still stressful, that can't be helped, but I'm turning all my negative energy into really organized lesson plans complete with state standards attached. I'm a lesson plan maniac these days.

I haven't been training or even just plain exercising, but I feel an upswing in the magical circle of good health...where eating, exercising, and sleep all come of our fellow bloggers was just talking about that the other day. It rings true. I know that wonderful cycle that comes once the vicious cycle of horrid eating comes to an end....

And lastly, I've been thinking a ton lately about how I started this blog to be about triathlon training and I have yet to do any. Lack of motivation. I still read as many tri blogs as possible hoping to inspire myself back into the pool or something. It's not working yet, but I'm totally not giving up!

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Edging towards the light

I'd like to thank all of you who posted to my blog yesterday. It felt good to hear all of your commentary and advice. I really needed it.

After my total freakout yesterday, I was determined to have a fabulous day today...when I woke up this morning, I forgot completely about all that...but not entirely.

  1. I had 2 mice to release in the "No Mouse in House" relocation project. It seems that every other fall we find mice sneaking into our apartment, eyeballing the toast crumbs. Out comes the Hav-a-hart trap and the relocation process begins. Total so far is 3 mice (one adult and 2 younger ones) which included a release of 2 today. I dropped them off in a field with plenty of mouse accommodating areas.
  2. Forgot to eat breakfast this morning....too focused on making sure the mice were okay. They are just so damn cute....
  3. I did pack lunch, so I get a thumbs up for that. It wasn't a totally core lunch. I had chicken with low fat mayo on WW whole grain bread. It's certainly a ton better than what I have been eating for lunch recently, so I'm going to give myself a thumbs up on that one. Plus, I bought cut up melon off of the lunch truck. Double thumbs up.
  4. I ate a naughty snack at Starbucks this afternoon between work and tutorial...poop.
  5. I'm planning a nice dinner of spicy beans and brown rice. Yummm! Plenty of leftovers for lunch tomorrow.

So I think improvement is obvious....

  • Remember to eat breakfast
  • Pack lunch for cryin' out loud (especially since it's parent/teacher night tomorrow night and I'm going out to dinner with the rest of the staff.
  • Get my arse back to the gym. If I keep telling myself that, it just might happen!

Oh, and crazy co-worker didn't get what she wanted from our department supervisor yesterday, so she emailed our site supervisor, who replied back to her, and cc'd me....what is she thinking?

Tuesday, October 03, 2006


Yep, I'm one of those inconsistent ladies we all know and love. I just can't seem to get my crap together in any sort of way. I'm still under 170, which is great because it was so hard to get here. Unfortunately, the last time I got stuck like this it took more than 18 months to get out of the slump. Yikes! I'm doing all the wrong things: not packing lunch, eating bagels at breakfast, ignoring the fact that I feel like nutritional garbage (I am what I eat, you know).

Now it's time for excuses....I haven't been feeling well lately, my co-worker is nutty and she's starting to attach my name to zany, harebrained ideas in emails to our entire department, including supervisors and I have to spend tons o' time creating emails that are professional and yet make it clear that I did not agree with her. Oh, and my foot is still bothering me (it is feeling better, though)

I think I'm heading in the right direction for dinner. I'm making a roast chicken with a Israeli couscous "stuffing", steamed broccoli and baked potatoes. this big meal should yield me some core leftovers for lunch tomorrow. The days after that I'll worry about tomorrow night.

Last year when I was my most successful, I had another (not crazy) co-worker who was also doing Weight Watchers and we would eat lunch together every day and it was nice. We compared packed lunches. We discussed breakfast and dinner points. It was lovely. She was moved to another program so that the crazy one and I could have it out. I'm alone and it sucks.

I'm done complaining, and I'm going to put my chin up, smile, eat yummy roasted chicken sans skin (I hope) with couscous stuffing and I'm going be elated about it.

Monday, October 02, 2006


I can't believe that I haven't posted since the 25th of September! What is my issue? Aaah, it was a simple case of life overload. I just didn't have the time this past week. I've been fighting a cold, which I can tell you is no easy feat for me. Usually colds turn into bronchitis or a sinus infection. On very special occasions, I'll get both. Once in a while I'll get bronchitis with a tracheal infection...that is a joy to be had. Regardless, I'm trying desperately to get rid of this cold with out it turning into anything else...I think I've got it at bay, but it's been making me go to bed really early, really often. So far, not too bad, but part of me is afraid that the worst is to come. I might have to visit my Doc and get the barbituate cough medicine. Scary stuff, but man, it knocks you out and keeps you from coughing...or maybe it knocks you out so the constant coughing doesn't wake you up...or so you won't remember the constant coughing...who knows, it's strong stuff.

Another time consumer this past week was that my mom and I spent a 3 day weekend in Lancaster, PA. We brought my pup, Reuben, who is pretty good in the car and hotel rooms. Far better than he is in the house on most occasions, but I digress.

I think I need to write more at another's 8pm, I'm exhausted, and I can hear my nice comfy couch and remote control calling me to come relax.....

See ya'll soon!

Monday, September 25, 2006

The Doctor is in

Well, after seeing my orthopedist today, who sent me to a podiatrist down the road, we have come to the conclusion that I have a Morton's Neuroma, or at least that is their clinical opinion at this point. It's a clinical opinion because I don't have all the classic symptoms of this neuroma, just some. But it has a very easy fix...othodics. I'm walking around for 2 weeks with a pad in my shoe to see if that fixes the problem. I also got a shot of cortisone in my foot, which I told was going to be somewhat painful. In comparison to the eye incident, not at all.

So I have an appointment with the podiatrist in 2 weeks. So 2 weeks of a sponge in my shoe as an experiment. If it works, then I get orthodics, if not, then I get an MRI of my foot. I'm just glad at this point there is no bootie involved as of yet.

Sunday, September 24, 2006

Brief update

I'm at my library job and I just checked out a millions books and checked in about million and five, the place has emptied out, my pages are on break, so I've got a little time for myself and my wonderful I thought I'd give a little list of updates:

  1. The new library is almost done, so this library will be a pile of dust and parking spaces in about 2 months. Very interesting. I will have to take picture of this library so I can post comparison pics when the new library is up and running. The nice thing is that we won't be losing our spectacular view of the Hudson River.
  2. I have my orthopedic appointment for my foot tomorrow, and I am glad. I don't like waking up to use the bathroom and have foot pain for no apparent reason. It comes and goes with no provocation. I do know some of the things I do that ensure pain, like sitting with the outside of my foot lying on the floor. I don't even realize I'm doing it sometimes until it's too late. My foot is preventing me from starting up running, which is totally cheesing me off.
  3. I get to watch Darth Bruce's ferret, Millie this week. Yay! I miss having ferrets. :(
  4. I still want to learn how to write HTML so I can be super cool with all the blogging. I bet my local BOCES has a course.....

I think that's all I have at this point. I'm hanging in there, and that's all I can ask for.

Friday, September 22, 2006

It's the little things...

that drive me to drink. I can take a big blow and I'm fine, but pile on a bunch of little things, and I want a beer. My nutty co-worker is definitely going to turn me into an alcoholic before this year is over.

We had a department meeting yesterday and all she did was talk about her doctoral program and how great it is, and how she's so excited and how it's preparing her to do this and that. Meanwhile, there are 2 other people also in doctoral programs, including the supervisor who is trying to get her to talk about other stuff.

Also, for every one thing I did, she had to jump in and say that she did the same, plus 2 extra things. I should have jumped up and shook her saying, "When it's your time to report, then you can one up's my turn to talk now" The worst part is that she totally exaggerated the duties she has taken on.

My only consolation is that our supervisors know what is going on. They totally have her number. And that number is: crazy.

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Back again

I'd like to send out a big fat thank you to Newbie Body Builder for showing me how to put charts into the blog..... I had to edit this because I need to learn how to refine the ETL data. I'm going to have to have a long talk with computer opposed to college brother or cop brother.

National Pirate Day

Aaarrrr, read this me maties:

You are The Cap'n!

Some men are born great, some achieve greatness and some slit the throats of any man that stands between them and the mantle of power. You never met a man you couldn't eviscerate. Not that mindless violence is the only avenue open to you - but why take an avenue when you have complete freeway access? You are the definitive Man of Action. You are James Bond in a blousy shirt and drawstring-fly pants. Your swash was buckled long ago and you have never been so sure of anything in your life as in your ability to bend everyone to your will. You will call anyone out and cut off their head if they show any sign of taking you on or backing down. You cannot be saddled with tedious underlings, but if one of your lieutenants shows an overly developed sense of ambition he may find more suitable accommodations in Davy Jones' locker. That is, of course, IF you notice him. You tend to be self absorbed - a weakness that may keep you from seeing enemies where they are and imagining them where they are not.

What's Yer Inner Pirate?
brought to you by The Official Talk Like A Pirate Web Site. Arrrrr!

Monday, September 18, 2006

My stupid foot

I don't think I've talked about it here, but my left foot has been bothering me lately. Unlike the character in the movie with the same name, my left foot is useless. It hurts when I wake up. The pain wears off, unless I sit with the outer ridge of my foot sitting on the floor, then it hurts again when I set it flat on the floor. It's been going on for a few weeks.

Needless to say, after an evening (hours, folks) of pain-free dancing at CAs wedding Saturday, I couldn't walk on it on Sunday. I'm glad I had no pain at the wedding, and maybe I should have been kinder to my when the song "Jump" by House of Pain was played, maybe I shouldn't have jumped when they told me to jump....couldn't help it. I felt a need to pack it out, pack it in and then at some point, let him begin....

It feels much better now, but as a result of that tremendous pain, I have an appointment with my orthopedist this coming Monday. I'm hoping for something that is quick and easy to fix, but it's probably something gross like a stress fracture or some kind of tendon issue. Only time, and the doctor, will tell.

A second attempt

I tried posting pictures of CA's crazy wedding reception, but blogger is being a dork, so I'll have to see. CA's wedding reception can only be described with words such as: fabulous, boisterous, lively, merry, and riotous. She comes from a very fun family of 7 kids. There was much revelry to be had.

Beautiful bride CA, and the ever loverly Darth Bruce.

The groom, MD.... doesn't he clean up nice?

Darth and her date.....

Darth and her date, again....

I couldn't leave this photo out...these are my parents.....

I've got more photos coming, and I will be sharing.....

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Just a quick post

I'm having an interesting week. It started with the death of my cat, whom I've loved for 16 years. He was struck by a car in front of my parent's home. It had to have been instant because my dad heard him on the porch doing his cat thang, and 20 minutes later their neighbor was knocking at the door. His only injury was to his head, so I keep telling myself that he didn't know what happened. It was that quick.

On a lighter note, my principal knows my looney co-worker is crazy. That bodes well for me.

And on an Amazon note, I did go to the gym yesterday to workout. I did chest, shoulders, and triceps...what my husband calls a "push" day.

I've got to go to bed now, as I am exhausted from all the things that have gone on, and the stuff that is yet to come...but more on that later.

Sunday, September 10, 2006

And the Mighty Amazon Returns!

Exercise Weight Set/reps

Hammer Strength
Front Lat Pull down 80 lbs 3x6

Lat Pull 62.5 lbs 3x6

Seated Row 60 lbs 3x6

21s 30 lbs 3x6

Alternating curls 10 lbs 3x6

Hammer curls 10 lbs 3x6

If I could remember the place where I could actually make a chart that worked in here, I would have used that....but this is what you're getting for now until I figure that out.....anyway....

Mom and I did get to the gym for the first time since the middle of June and I'm very happy about it. I feel great. We didn't over extend ourselves. We did three sets of six reps for each exercise and we'll build up from there. I am now exhausted and I think I might go to bed!

Saturday, September 09, 2006


I can not believe that I haven't posted since Wednesday. I find that to be astounding. I love to write, I love to blather on about nothing...especially when it's mostly anonymous. (Hi Darth Bruce, you and BK, when she see the pics over your shoulders are the ones who make this only mostly anonymous!)

I am trying to pull my butt back into a routine. I am going to Weight Watchers tomorrow. That is all good. I think I gained. That is not so good. I have to work my first Sunday of the school year. Not so good. The crazy librarian isn't working. That is awesome. I have an appointment with my mom to lift weights and maybe do a little cardio. Awesome. Then we might have Sushi. Awesome. Or, we might have Mexican with crack margaritas. Awesome fun, but deadly at the same time.

I am happy to get back to the gym. I bought weight lifting gloves recently in anticipation of going back to the gym. Last time we were lifting weights, I developed a callus on the pad at the bottom of my left middle finger. Then it peeled off and hurt, well, like a bitch. I think the gloves will prevent that this time around. At least I hope so. Nothing like meeting your student parents and having the hands of a fisherman from "The Deadliest Catch".