Thursday, August 31, 2006

Motivate me!

I've got some ideas that will hopefully get me back on the right page. Let me know what you think...even you, you lurkers. I have a counter, I know that more than 3 people are looking at this page...but I digress.

  1. I'm going to start planning my food day in advance, using the Weight Watchers eTools that I now have access through because of their new payment plan!
  2. I am restarting my running program tomorrow. I love running, it's ridiculous that I can't get back into it because of a myriad of lame-ass excuses. It might take some scheduling, but I think I can get all those involved on the same page.
  3. I'm going back to weight lifting. I kinda enjoyed the weights, but the feeling that I was strong was killer. I've got to get that back.
  4. I'm going to do the "Burn, Calorie, Burn" challenge at Fat Fighter. I think it'll help me stay focused. I have been known to be competitive at times.....just not in triathlon..hence the "like you get paid by the hour" thing.....

So this is my plan. I thought I'd get it down on the blog before I started, and tomorrow is September 1st, so there is no better day to start, right?

Monday, August 28, 2006

Party for no reason

Last night, to celebrate the end of the no good, horrible day, Chris, Darth Bruce, and I decided to go out to dinner to one of our favorite restaurants, SOB's. I know what you're thinking, but it's a Mexican restaurant and actually stands for "South of the Border". So there. I am happy because even though I ate what I wanted, I didn't binge eat.

We played a few rounds of "Pass the Pigs", which is a game that's been in my family for about 17 years. My 28 year old cop brother got it for his 11th birthday, and we're still playing it. I'm holding the pig dice in my hands in this pic, if you can't figure it out.

Darth Bruce, the jokester, is giving the pigs the rabbit ear treatment during their close-up.

My husband, Chris, is ummm...drunk? Silly? Psychotic? Anyone of those will suffice in describing this picture. Hey, he needed to unwind, and this is how he does it, apparently.

All in all, the three of us are incredibly glad the day is over. Today is a new day and it's a damn good thing.

Sunday, August 27, 2006


I'm back from Weight Watchers, with a weigh in of 169 and I'm feeling 2 different ways. First of all I'm happy that I haven't gotten back to 170. Second, I'm so unhappy that I gained 4 pounds over the last 3 weeks and am at 169. It's making me miserable on some level. There might be a light at the end of that tunnel...

Instead of getting another 10 pass book for meetings, I got the new Monthly Pass, so I can go to unlimited meetings and I have access to eTools, which might wind up being what saves me. I can't be sure about that yet. It costs the same per week as the other methods, but your billed automatically. That doesn't bother me at all. It's one less thing that I have to think about.

I'm am in such a funk. I came home from my 8:30 meeting at about 9:30 and went back to bed and slept until 11:30. I could go right back to bed now if I wanted, I feel so lousy. I'm just tired. Depressed about the scale, and tired. Thank goodness I have the next bunch of days off, lots of Core food in the house, and time to ruminate over what an ass I've been about eating. Lucky me.

Sorry about the blah message today. If I'm feeling more upbeat later, I'll come back and let ya'll know.


The day has not really improved to be honest. I had a fairly stressful afternoon, and it's not even my family or even business, really, except that I care for the family who is going through the stressful time immensely. I'm not at liberty to say anymore than that. It's pouring here. I'm cold, my dog is cold...and snoring.

the good thing is...I found my Cadbury Cream Eggs stash and there are 2 left from Easter. I'm eating one, in case Nytro read this and finds me and tortures me for their location....

Thursday, August 24, 2006


I am drowning in the amount of flex points I have used so far this week. I have negative numbers, folks. NEGATIVE NUMBERS! I can hear myself getting heavier. Blah. I am keeping myself super busy and haven't had time to cook up some good core foods. I am such a slacker.

On a happier note, I learned how to make interactive books on Power Point for kids with multiple handicaps. All they have to do is hit a click-switch in order to turn the pages. The program does everything else, including read it to them. It's in my voice, which wigs me out a little bit, but hey, I'm sure the kids would enjoy it. I'm going to have my reading students learn how to do it and they will be required to make interactive books in class, so eventually the classes for the Multiply Handicapped will have lots of books to choose from. That would be spectacular. At least I think so....

Tuesday, August 22, 2006


I found something out about myself recently. I have been drinking lots and lots of Mike's Light Hard Lemonade, and I was secretly freaking out. I couldn't go by a day without one. I thought I was on the verge of alcoholism. I figured it out. The hard lemonade was the only thing in the house to drink lately aside from water or skim milk. I bought myself some cases of Fresca, and now I don't even think about the Mike's. I just needed something tasty to drink. Duh, on my part.

I went to the dentist this morning for my 6 month check up. I had her drill and fill a dark spot on my back, right molar. It's been there for about 15 years. It wasn't getting any worse, but it couldn't possible get any better. It wasn't a cavity yet, so I figure that in preventing the cavity from truly forming, I can still tell people that I'm 33 and have never had a cavity. Being proactive is so great sometimes. So, I had my first incident with the dentist's drill today. Not terrible, but I feel like my mouth was used as a replacement for Stretch Armstrong's mouth...I'm feeling a little stretched out.

I also learned recently that Neaderthals may have died out due to their lack of agility and speed. This has nothing to do with anything, I just find it fascinating is all. I love the Discovery Science channel. It's my new favorite.

What's up in your world today?

Saturday, August 19, 2006


No, I'm not feeling inspired yet, but I've decided to do a little inspirational reading. I trudged over to my bookshelf and pulled off my copies of:

That's right, I'm pulling out the big guns. Becoming an Ironman kills me every time I read it! Especially when I read about Team Hoyt. Sheesh. If they can do Ironman, why can't I simply get my butt back in the gym? Be Iron Fit is motivating because I'd like to look like a triathlete, instead of people looking at me like I'm a liar when I tell them I've done triathlons.

I'm going to make a point of getting to the gym tomorrow with or without my mom. I've get to get Chris, my husband, involved. I've got to explain to him in detail how I need him to be supportive, not naggy about getting me to the gym tomorrow. It's a thin line, and he still needs reminders on it.

Friday, August 18, 2006

The exploding closet

I'm discovering that I have a definite clothes problem. It's not that I have too many clothes, it's that I have too many articles of clothing that don't fit me anymore.

I figured this out today when Chris and I went shopping. (Yes, my husband does shop on occasion and he finds it to be bearable...I think he likes is more than I do. That ain't saying much because I loathe it for the most part) I selected clothes that were too big for me. I had to go back out and get a smaller size.

I know, intellectually, that I'm a smaller size. I know I weigh less than I did over last winter, but the emotional side of me wants to try on 12s. It tells me that 10s are not going to fit at all and that I'll just make myself depressed. I try on the 12s and I waste time because they are too big and I have to go back and get the 10s. Sheesh.

Back to the closet. I'm afraid to get rid of the 12s and 14s. I don't need them, I don't want them. Why do I still have them? The crybaby heavy girl inside me needs them for some demented purpose. Damn! What is her issue?

Thursday, August 17, 2006

Iportion Tip

Okay, yeah, this is my third post in about an hour, but as I was reading some of my favorite blogs, I saw a bit of a challenge on Iportion's blog. I am to give a health and fitness tip. Here goes:

Eat a rainbow of fruits and veggies! Make sure that you not only get in your fruit and veggie servings but that they vary in color. Not only will it keep you from getting into a food rut, but you'll be getting different vitamins, too!

I'm a dork

Yeah, I know that I've announced before that I'm a dork because I play Warcraft...well, that actually makes me a geek. Anyway, I forgot that I put on comment moderator, but didn't put in an email address...I accidentally erased a comment, but I think it was spam anyway. If it wasn't, I'm sorry whoever you are...and it won't happen again!


Why can't I get to the gym? I am so un-Amazon, it's not even funny. I can almost feel my muscles disappearing. I got a new skort in the mail today, and it's a tad to small. That makes me feel poopy.

It's not even as if I'm not in training, but going to the gym. I should be in the gym building a base. 3 weight days...that's it. Maybe cardio on a couple of those days, and maybe a couple of extra cardio days. I'm not asking for much here folks. I know I enjoy doing this stuff, so why can't I get my pansy-ass up off the couch...or the computer chair and just get to the stinkin' gym? It sucks!

Any suggestions? Lurkers? I know you're out there, I do have a tells me people are stopping to make a suggestion?

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Puppy update

We did not end up taking a tour of the local shelters. My mom called them all and no one happened to have any puppies at the moment. On a whim, I drove my mom down to the North Shore Animal League where it took us 4 walks around the dog area to find this gem:

I think that the first 3 times around my mom had tiny puppy on the brain. She was also very quiet. A lot of the other dogs were barking, and she was snoozing. Thank goodness we did notice her because she is awesome. We think she's hald lab and hald pointer.

Her name is Una, which is Irish Gaelic for lamb.

We took her to our vet yesterday and he was impressed with how mild manner and friendly she is.

Even Reuben has taken to her. She follows him everywhere when he's at my parent's house. She entices him into playing. they run around like maniacs together, which is something my dog needs, but has forgotten how to do.

My mom, as seen in this pic, is very happy that we didn't leave Una behind. We nearly did, but I convinced of the benefits of getting an older puppy.

I think that's enough puppy love for now.

Sunday, August 13, 2006

Yeah, well....

I braved it and went to Weight Watchers this morning. I gained 3.6 pounds. They guy who weighs me was shocked and amazed as I told him of my cake adventures of Sunday last and the Reese's peanut butter cup minis that snuck into my mouth during the class on Multiple Intelligences I took last week. (There is no eating intelligence, for those of you who are wondering....)

My mom and I did not go to the gym today, but are planning to go tomorrow. She is have a sciatic nerve issue (a literal pain in the ass....and back) and I woke up feeling as if I were hit by a mac truck. All my bones hurt. It hurts to take a deep no weights or jostling for me.

My mom and I are also planning to take a tour of the local animal shelters so she can get a new puppy. We had to have her other dog put down last August. She and my dad miss having a dog. My dog misses having a playmate. This time, he'll get to be top dog. Hopefully we'll find something at the local shelters, if not, it's a trip to the North Shore Animal League, which is a 2 hour drive, but well worth it for a nice pup. She is not that particular, she wants a female, no terrier at all (she wants a mush, not a bossy bitch), gets along with other dogs for the most part, and it has to be less than 6 or 7 months old. It doesn't have to be a tiny puppy, but young enough so that it becomes attached quickly.

I'm lacking in a way to close this, except, I'm really psyched about my parents getting a new dog!

Saturday, August 12, 2006

I ain't got nothin'

It's Saturday, and aside from grocery shopping, I don't have much to do today. What's that? Am I going to go running? No, are you insane? Why would I want to something like that and ruin the only day off from any sort of responsibility that I've had in weeks. Silly....

Anyway, I decided that today is a totally do nothing day. I'm not doing a bloody thing except play video games, fool with my sewing machine, and talk to you people. I'm having a great time. Hubby and dog spent some time trying to entertain me this afternoon:

I'm very impressed.

On a more serious note, my mom and I are going back to our 3 weight trainings a week schedule starting tomorrow. We even bought weight training gloves because we both had parts of our palms peel off the last time we did weight training....I think that was about a month ago or so. Well, the important part is that we are back at it tomorrow, which will lead to stories of woe and pain...say Monday?

Thursday, August 10, 2006

Extra Poundage

I swear that I have easily gained 3 to 4 pounds this week between my crazy wedding/bridal shower/ Japanese visitor/birthday parties weekend in conjunction with the Multiple Intelligences class that I'm taking where candy is flowing like a white rapids river. Not only are we encourage to eat so that we keep up out energy for all the hands on team activities that we are doing, but everyone has been bringing in fabu snacks! Tomorrow is the last day of class, and it is my turn to bring in a snack. I made chocolate chip cookie dough cupcakes. I guess I'm just as much as an enabler as the rest of my classmates.

I'm looking forward to Saturday, when I can get back to my "normal" eating routine of all whole grains, fruits, and lean proteins. I'm not looking forward to the "white death" withdrawal that I will experience due to eating white sugar and flour all week long.

Monday, August 07, 2006

Busy, busy, busy

I have been one busy little girl recently. I think I did more stuff this weekend than I have done ever in such a short time period. I am certainly feeling it.

Let's see. On Friday, I ran errands, then make cupcakes (it was close to 90 degrees out) and then went into the city to see my husband's old college roommate who was visiting from Japan. We had a great time, and arrived home quite late.

Saturday, I finished up my errands from the day before, then we drove almost 2 hours to Long Island, to go to my cousin's wedding. In order to get the night off, Chris had to trade his Saturday night hours for Sunday morning hours. So, as a result, we got home very late.

Chris had to be at work Sunday morning at 6:30 am, work, do some trainings, then go to his mother's house in Beacon to help his step-father move wallboard. I got up and ran more errands. But these were bridal shower specific errands. I got to be at a very fun bridal shower Sunday afternoon (thanks Darth Bruce).

Once Chris and I were both home, we went to his father's house to have dinner and cupcakes to celebrate his birthday. We got home around 11:30 last night, both exhausted.

We would have slept in this morning, but Chris had to work and I'm taking a week long grad class on Multiple Intelligences. I'm currently procrastinating the homework front as I write this.

Friday, August 04, 2006

It's been a while

I just realized when I last posted. I really don't have the time to be doing this...I should be getting ready to get on a train to Manhattan. My husband's college roommate is in town...all the way from Japan. Very cool. We can't wait to see Keisuke, it's been at least 3 years since his last business trip to New York.

We've also got a wedding in Long Island tomorrow. Sunday, Chris has to work and I've got a bridal shower. Then we go to his dad's for his birthday. I just spent a hot time in the kitchen making peanut butter surprise cupcakes for my Reese's loving father-in-law. So, now it's extra hot in my apartment.

I think what I really wanted to inform you all of is this: I survived Ozzfest. I did see one of my students, which is no a total shocker considering I work at an alternative high school. The fact that she snuck up on me did surprise me. For some reason, I am a mosh pit magnet. they like to open up right behind me at any given moment. Bloody pits, too. Those were just as interesting to watch as the bands. I really feel as if I got my money's worth!

I've got to hop into the shower, clean up and cool off before I get ready. I'll catch ya'll later!