Saturday, December 31, 2005

Is darts an endurance sport?

I'm here to admit that the closest thing I got to training was playing darts with my parents when I went to their house for dinner last night. I did really well, considering that I had never played before. I actually won.

Granted, I shouldn't beat myself up because I did do a big chore that needed to get done by today....a goods donation to my local Goodwill. Both my husband and I had been putting off delivering the bags and bags of stuff. My question that I have to look at seriously is: Was I really catching up on a chore or was I merely procrastinating?

I guess that I will be starting my training journey along with a million other New Years sheep. I will be part of "tourist season" at the gym. I will be outside with a troop of other runners tomorrow afternoon. It's going to be hellacious.

In a sense, I guess it's fitting that I begin again on the first day of the year, and it's a Sunday, and it's a day I have off. I also have off Monday the 2nd, I can really begin on the right foot. I can get in some workouts, I can do some cooking to get me through the week. I'll have the husband home to give me a bit of a "push" can't be all bad, right?

Thursday, December 29, 2005

Finding a way

The holidays are still here and I'm beginning to feel the holiday bloat. Blech.

Although I haven't actually done any physical training as of yet, I am trying to make a plan that I can follow with my eyes easy plan, a do-able plan. I just need that little foot-hold to get started.

Tomorrow I am off from both career and part-time jobs, so it'd be a perfect day to get some time at the gym in. Or a run. Or yoga. Or swimming. I think that might be part of the problem. There are so many things I could be doing, but the choice is so overwhelming that I wind up doing nothing except feeling guilty about doing nothing.

I need to find a program that I can use without thinking. I know that there are a few days a week that I won't be able to get anything done. Primarily Mondays and Thursdays due to extra work hours. Five days a week should be enough, shouldn't it? I'm so out of touch with training.

I think that for the few few weeks my schedule will look something like this:

  • Monday: Off
  • Tuesday: Run
  • Wednesday: Bike
  • Thursday: Off
  • Friday: Run/yoga
  • Saturday: Run
  • Sunday: Swim

I will give myself some wiggle room and will be able to swap off days if needed. I'm not going running during a blizzard if I can spin in the comfort of my computer room.

According to my schedule, my plan for tomorrow is to run and get in some yoga. Being that this is public accountability (or disgust and shame) I will report how I made out....

Tuesday, December 27, 2005


I'm not sure what prompted me to start this, maybe a need for accountability in my training and diet. Who knows? Perhaps I'm just tired of my pants not fitting well, or that the number on the little tag inside is so large...maybe it's when I race I'm usually one of the biggest women on the course. Whatever it is, I'm just glad that I'm doing it.

Currently, I'm not training at all. I should be, as there is the possibility of my participating in a half iron distance race in July...the day before my birthday. It would be an incredible gift to myself to be able to accomplish such a feat. And if I could lose 20 pounds while training for it, by God, it would be the best birthday ever!

Okay, so I guess that by putting this out there, I had better get my butt into gear. Forget all the New Years Resolution garbage, it's failed me before! I'm starting now, with this entry, to train for the half iron. Even if I can't do the "birthday race" of my dreams, I will be physically ready for it regardless.

I'm unsure of how I will approach this. A little research is needed, plus some base miles and certainly a revamp of my current eating habits. A mighty pill to swallow.