Sunday, November 26, 2006


I'm back in the Weight Watchers world. I went to meeting today and I weighed in at 170.0. Considering this past week was Thanksgiving, how sick I was, and the fact that I was in denial until yesterday that I was depressed about my grandmother not being around for Thanksgiving for the first time in my life, I think only gaining .6 was not too bad.

I am, however, ready to kick arse and take names. I've got fish defrosting for dinner. I've still got those brussels sprouts waiting to be roasted. I am ready to go! I'm going to try to make a dinner/lunch plan for the week. I've got to set a goal instead of flopping around like a fish out of water. Grrr. I've got my game face on.

Other news:
  • I'm stuck on the making socks thing. I think I'm afraid to learn how to turn a heel or something. I should work on it some more and force myself to do it.
  • I want to start another quilt. I'd like to make a log cabin quilt, but considering how long it took me to make the last one, plus the fact that I've got tons and tons of scraps that would make a beautiful quilt without spending a dime, perhaps I'll do a scrap quilt first and ask for JoAnn Fabrics gift cards for Christmas.
  • The worms are doing fine. They are no longer trying to sneak out of their box. They seem to be happy and producing a lot of "soil". My tomatoes will be happy this summer.
  • My mother bought tiny little turtles yesterday in China Town. They are adorable. It makes me want to get myself some turtles, or maybe some garter snakes. I miss have reptiles/amphibians.
  • I'm jealous of Marta's hats.


Anonymous said...

ha ha! I want to make you a hat! As soon as I finish my xmas're next!

So, glad the worms are good. I really want some for the composting bin. I'm not sure it's going to get cold at all this winter since it's been seriously in the 80s all week. They'd do great out here!

If you make a scrap quilt, does that mean it doesn't have a pattern? That log cabin one looks EXTREME! Oh, I think that should be X-TREME! Much better.

By the way, 170? Not bad at all. Seriously. You're going through a rough time. Cut yourself some slack and move on, momma. And even if you weren't going through a thorny time? It would still be really minimal! Good job!

Amazon Alanna said...

The Log Cabin pattern is actually really easy, it's the positioning of the blocks that make it look so complex.

As for the scrap quilt, I'm trying to find a scrap wuilt that I'd like to do that has a good pattern. The one in the picture could have been a scrap quilt, had I not bought a million fat stacks. Sheesh....

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