Wednesday, October 18, 2006

What a frickin' day

Actually, I've had worse days as a whole, but today had so many little annoying pieces that I just might watch Biggest Loser in bed. I've been in my pajamas since about 8 for squeezin' out tears.....I will post my issues with bullets to save time:

  • Crazy coworker decided that today would be a good day to give me her testing protocols, which had very obvious mistakes...mistakes that a monkey wouldn't make. I could have a severely reading disable student look up the information she screwed up and they would get it right. I'm tempted now to check the more complex part of the tests to see if she totally screwed up (because she screwed up the scoring of about 10 tests that I had to go back and fix to save her butt last month)
  • Crazy coworker also decided to lie about training she received. She says that she attended a training put forth by another member of our department....who hasn't done any trainings on the subject in which Crazy has shown up at. Bizarre.
  • Somehow, at about 10:30 this morning, I developed itchy spots on my left leg. They appear to be large bug bites...obviously, I'm somewhat allergic to whatever bit me. They itch like a bitch but are painful to the tough. Oh joy.
  • My car's thermostat decided to go bonkers on the way home. The needle would rise to "hot" and then lower to "not so hot" in a matter of seconds. My poor car is at the shop. This has happened before, I probably have some air in my radiator. We know what caused it the last time, but they don't know why I have an air pocket this time. I love my car, but not when I can't drive it.

On the upside, thought:

  1. I could have done worse with the food today. I held it together for the most part, and my indulgences are covered my by WFPs. No big.
  2. My mom is lending me her car, which is the same make as mine, but an automatic (how I love to drive clutch!)
  3. I am home and I am in my jammies and I can go to bed whenever I want. I might even take a benedryl for the itchy spots and be totally incoherent when my husband gets home from the gym.
  4. My dog is completely enamored of me. I love unconditional doggy love.

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totegirl said...

Damn. The messed up thing about crazy co-workers, if they can't be fired, is that they'll eventually be promoted just to get them out of the department. At least that's what happened to my crazy ex-co-worker. That made her my boss, and that made me go get another job. Yeah, I feel your pain, and I'm sorry.

Didn't you just have car issues not too long ago? When I win the lottery, I'll get your car overhauled! I'll put a new engine and some spinny rims, just for you!

Good job on the food, though. How easy it is to dive into a carton of ice cream or a bag of chips. And having a sweet puppy to love you always helps. I just spent 10 minutes taking pictures of me and my doggy before I decided to read blogs!

Tomorrow will be a better day, huh? It kinda has to be.