Thursday, October 26, 2006

Can you believe it?

It's Thursday and I still have a tone of flex points left! I don't know how I did it, but it's been done. I'm still going to a second meeting tonight. I need the support for the upcoming weekend where I'll be going out to dinner twice.

One of those nights is to my favorite Mexican Restaurant that has mind altering margaritas...that's going to be horrible. I don't know how many points is in one, but I have to have 1...then instead of a second, I could have a light beer. Just gotta gets some APs on Friday and I'll feel better about the situation. Saturday night should be easier, though, at least I hope so.

I truly wish that I could post my food planner from the WW site. That would so totally awesome, but it won't let me. That really stinks. I'm thinking of emailing them, part of me doesn't want to because I would get one of those auto-emails which are written like you're stupid. That roasts my bottom, as Darth would say.

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Darth Julie said...

Oh, you're going to SOB, you lucky devil. Are you sure a crackarita is a good idea, if you're on meds?
I went to see Dr Wolfe today, details to follow in email. or in person on Satorday. Suffice it to say I like her, she's very friendly and nice as promised. I was embarrassed because she had to look at my right hipbone and therefore had to see my underpants, which this morning have a campfire on the front and the phrase 'Boy Scouting'. She said she never minds the underpants, it's when there are NO underpants that she minds.