Sunday, December 17, 2006

I just don't even know

I feel so lousy today. My head is "woogalie" (Alanna-ese for fuzzy and head-achy) and I feel vaguely nauseated. I'm certainly tired. The topper might be that I don't feel like eating. I'm hungry, but I'm afraid of what will happen if I eat something. Plus, I was up in the middle of the night with stomach issues. Blah.

Challenge-wise, this week was a bust. I went to meeting this morning, but I didn't weigh in. I felt discouraged due to my nighttime stomach aches. So I went, I listened, I joked, but I did not weigh in. Next week is another week and it's sure to be better. I just have to be very decisive about what I'll be eating and when. No Panera bread bowl lunch for me this week. It's too risky. If I have enough points left next Saturday, maybe I will treat myself to it then. Then if I only have a few points left for the rest of the week, it's only about 12 hours. I can live with very few points for a coupla hours, for cryin' out loud.

Here's to Phase 1, week 2 of the Next 10 Challenge!


TrixieBelden said...

I'm sorry your feeling so lousy. I was a complete failure this week on the challenge. I did good on the points, but I never went to the gym. But I am definitely going tomorrow! I had too many points today to not go. I'm also worried about my weigh-in.

Hope you feel better soon!


totegirl said...

(((HUGS))) **chicken broth** Now go lie down and take care of yourself. Sounds like some kind of stomach virus or flu. Don't worry about Phase 1 Week 1. We all obviously struggled with it. Week 2 is going to RAWK! But only if you start feeling better.

Cory said...

Sorry to hear you are feeling bad. Just get some rest.

You'll do better next week.