Friday, October 20, 2006

A Second Opinion

I went to my regular doctor today who put me on antibiotics to treat Lyme disease. I have many of the symptoms of very early Lyme and she'd rather be safe than sorry. I'm glad that someone with a medical degree listened to me and didn't give the the flea/bedbug brush-off. So, I'm achy, sore, and itchy, but I am so happy I didn't let it go when I thought the other guy was a quack. Trusting your gut is important. What if I let it go for a few weeks and I got really terrible Lyme symptom? Lyme can be debilitating.

Anyway, I'm on the antibiotics. I'm glad that I have no plans for this weekend other than lay around and watch TV with my dog and husband. I'll go to Weight Watchers on Sunday, but that is the extent of place I'm going by choice I think.

Thanks for bearing with me, folks! :)

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