Friday, October 27, 2006

A let down

I did go to a seond WW meeting last night, only to discover that the leader who I thought would be there, was not. Instead of the peppy, no nonsense leader I wanted to see, it was a woman who just couldn't seem to get the members going. The members were quiet, they didn't share much. It was really a downer. It makes me think of my job as a Literacy Specialist...part of my job is to help teacher change their teaching stlye from passive to active. This lady was "chalk and talk" the whole way. Not fun.

On the upside, I found that the leader I wanted to see is there on Wednesday nights, which is great because the meeting is at 5:30, I tutor until about 5, so I can go to that meeting next week. Even better is that Wednesday is usually the day where everythign falls apart. I'm very happy with that discovery.

Food is still going well, I've got FPs abound. I'm going to the gym to earn 2 or 3 more so I can eat some Mexican tonight without guilt. I volunteered to the the desiganted driver so I can avoid the calorie laden crack-arita. Clever, right?


totegirl said...

Excellent planning! MMMMMM...crack margaritas! So pretty!

Sucks about the leader. I got up really early last Saturday and went to the 9:30 meeting instead of the 11:00 meeting and discovered the leader was TONS better at 9:30. But now that means I don't get to sleep in anymore! Oh well, sacrifices must be made!

TC said...

That is a really good plan. Planning your meetings for the day with the motivating teacher you like as well as on the day you need the boost is a great idea. And then the designated driver was a stroke of genius!