Sunday, November 12, 2006

Forgive me, Blogger, for I have sinned

It's been I don't know how long since my last confession. Church-wise, it was 5/04, blogger wise, um, probably the entry titled "negative 46". Back to the confession...I was on my way to work at job #2, and somehow I found myself at McDonald's on the other side of town. I still got to work on time, but with a Quarter Pounder with cheese meal. I ate it, it's over. This happens to me once in a while...about once in 3 months I'll crave McDonald. Now I've got a lead ball in the middle of my only hope is to drink so much diet coke that the acid eats through the lead.

On the upside, I maintained 167 at my weigh-in this morning. I also made 0 point soup (which is also core) in my crock pot and used up a few half-used bags of frozen veggies in the process. So not only do I have soup to help me along this week, I cleaned out my freezer a little bit.

I've decided that I've got to plan better if I'm going to make it through the holidays unscathed. I'd like to wake up on January 1st and weigh under 160. 159.8 would be just fine by me. I'd have to lose about a pound week from now until then, plus one week of 1.2. That is totally do-able, if I can plan through the holidays. I think that's a decent plan, no?

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totegirl said...

5/04? Was it so traumatic that you remember the date? You poor thing!

As for the McDonald's, here's my insane theory: I think that you have to eat that crap every once in a blue moon to remind your body of the favor that you are doing it every day that you don't eat that crap. You like that? I do!

So, 167 is FANTABULOUS! No 169 for you, nope! Keep up the great work! The soup is an excellent step, and I think I will copy you tonight.