Wednesday, June 28, 2006

An Unintended Break

I did not mean to take a break from blogging, but it totally happened without my permission! I'm in the middle of taking a class about teaching Readers and Writers Workshops, and by the time I get home, I'm wiped. After that, I've got homework, and that really puts me over the edge.

Not only have I taken a break from blogging, but I haven't been to the gym, either. It's just inconvenient at this point. I am mentally exhausted.

Next week, however, starts my ultra cool 3 day schedule in which I only work 3 days a week. Very nice. Lots of time to do fun tri training stuff. Yahooo!

Thursday, June 22, 2006

Update for week

Okay, I promised myself some fun stuff this week, but I've had things jump into my path that I wasn't here is an update:

Planned Actual
Running: 3 times Running: Not yet
Spinning: 1 time Spinning: Bridal shower shopping with Mom
Weights: 3 times Weights: Once, just once
Swimming: not yet, I'm skeered Swimming: not yet, but I'm not skeered anymore

I'm not going to be too hard on isn't even over until tomorrow. I've got a class next week, but that's less taxing, and I could run during the lunch hour. There is, after all, a bike trail right next to my campus. So maybe I'll try to plan on that.

I also have to remember that my week is not over yet. I still have time to get in some weights, a spin class, or a couple of runs. I just have to see what lies ahead.

Other than this, things are going well. The end of the school year is here. I'm going to work some summer hours, which are always fun. I'll have 4 day weekends every week. It will be fabulous.

Sunday, June 18, 2006


After all the moping, after all the peanut butter cups, creamy food, lack of cardio, and all the other little things that went wrong this week, including that fact that I used about -100 flexies (I'm not kidding), I managed to lose 2.4 pounds this week. I'm in shock.

You know what this means, right?

This week I have to be super vigilant. Exercise like mad, eat like an orthorexic (my new vocabulary word) and there is still a chance that with all that work, I will not undo what I did this past week. I might actually see a gain next Sunday, but it is something that I can easily live through. I hope.

So, this upcoming week, I will be the queen of Core! I feel like I might need a secret identity. I need a ring that I can twist or turn or smash against another Weight Watchers member's and form a giant vegetable eating robot or turn into a super, maybe next week.

Saturday, June 17, 2006

Twice in one day?

My posting is sporadic at best, but I figure two posts in one day never killed anyone. Right Shaunta? I'm posting again to state out loud, put into writing, or whatever you want to call it, that it is time for me to face the music. I'm not training like I should, I'm not eating like I should. In fact, my stomach has decided to rebel because I'm not giving it the food it likes.

I went to the Olive Garden (I was a virgin) last night for dinner with some people in my department. I didn't over eat, but I did not eat the whole grain foods I usually eat most weeks. By the time I was done with dinner, I had a grumbly, pissed off knot in my stomach. I thought about it for a bit and I realized that this was the feeling my stomach was getting for the second half of the week whenever I ate something that was out of the norm. (white flour, creamy, fried, etc, not weight watchers core approved) So, my stomach is not a happy camper at all.

I'm taking it easy food-wise for the rest of the day. Maybe some butternut squash soup for dinner....soothing and not much to digest. Tomorrow, I've got to be better about what I'm eating. I've also got to make some decisions about what I'm training for. I have no races, but I have to create a goal for myself. Maybe a 10k in the fall, or a fall tri, or something!

I am having the worst time setting a goal for myself. Help!

The things that I let block my way

Yeah, there are obstacles in my way preventing me from tri training. We all have that, and we work to get around them. Sometimes, thought, I purposefully put those blockers there because they are just as fun, and take less effort.

This, folks, is my day to talk about....World of Warcraft. I love the stupid game. I try to limit myself to an hour when a I play, and sometimes I'll go over that some. That was fine while it was snowing and raining, and cold. But it's almost summer. It's sunny and 83 degrees I running? No, I'm posting about Warcraft. Or as I used to call it, before I played, War Crap.
This is my character, Hatsemomo. As you might not be able to tell, she is dead. More specifically, Undead. I made her pretty ugly on purpose. There is just no use in having a pretty corpse. Especially when you're a warrior.

It's such a stress reliever to play this game. I'm never worried about "dying" because I'm already dead, and I can resurrect, anyway.

How cool is this? Look at me, I kick ass.

Thursday, June 15, 2006

But that horse is so tall!

I seem to have fallen off the wagon. I said it, I admit it, I feel bad about it, but it'll be over soon. I've eaten more than my fair share of "flexies", I've done my weight routines with added weight this week, but no spinning, no yoga.

I think I'm over come with end of the school year stress. There is so much to do. I have to pack up my stuff in boxes because they are replacing the carpet with tile in my building, plus I might be moving to the building next door. A lot of changed around here, and perhaps there will be more, maybe not. I'll go where my director tells me to go. That's it. It's all about accommodating the students needs, not mine or my department's.

I've got some personal stress that I hope will pass. Nothing major, but is still semi-work related and I'm not a liberty to discuss it at this point.

So, what am I doing to combat all this stress and anxiety? Packing? Creating reading charts for the state? Nope, I'm blogging during lunch. Way to set priorities!

Monday, June 12, 2006


IT had to take my computer tower at work last week, and I'm sure ya'll can guess where I do most of my posting work desk during lunch. I never really knew how much I relied on my computer until now. That's my "BOOOO" for today.

Now to the happy, shiny stuff: My mom and I started another weight lifting cycle with higher weights, which means we start out at lower reps. Workouts are short and sweet...and a tad hard because all the barbells have more weight on them. Feeling pretty good about that.

I still haven't made it running out of doors. I opted for a Reading Consultation, which landed $75 cash in my pocket. Not bad for an hours work. I love having a MPA in Reading and Special Education, you can do so much with it! Oh, wait, I'm beginning to digress....I haven't made it outside to run, but I will be soon, I promise.

Ya hear that, Shaunta? I promise to go running outside sometime this week!

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

June is tight!

My schedule in June gets a little tight, as does my mother's, due to still working at school, but some of our summer hours at the yacht club start to pile on during the weekends.

As a result, our schedules do not mesh as they once did. I can see that they will again once school ends, and my library closes on Sundays. We will have tons of time, plus we'll be able to add in extra cardio (running for me!) in during the days that we can't lift weights together.

I've got to work something out with her so that she can go to the gym and get in the same workouts that I get in, just on a different time frame, as it seems that we will not be working out together until July. The main problem here is that my mom, who is borderline ADHD, can not remember our routines for the most part. I will have to make her a chart of some sort, because it would be ridiculous for us to take a month would be more than ridiculous, it would be detrimental to our current fitness level. We would have to spend time regaining what we've lost!

As for the rest of my world....everything going great. I'm sleeping well. My dog is sleeping well. My husband is sleeping well, but is eating everything in sight....which leads me to the next topic:

What can you do if you're trying to lose weight but your husband is currently trying to gain it? My husband is not a small man. He currently weighs about 225. Not does he weigh about 225, but his body fat is less that 10%. He's a power lifter. The mere fact that he is having trouble eating enough to maintain his weight, no less gain it, is something that I am having trouble wrapping my head around. Who tries to gain weight? Seriously?

Thursday, June 01, 2006

My arms are but mere twigs....

There, I said it. During yesterday's workout, my arms felt like little, brittle twigs. My planned workout (green) v. actual work out(red) is as follows:

  • Incline Press @ 45 pounds 3 sets, 11 reps/ 3 sets, 11 reps
  • Chest Press @ 25 pounds 3 sets, 11 reps/ 2 sets, 11 reps
  • Military Press w/12 lb free weights 3 sets, 11 reps/ 2 sets, 11 reps
  • Arnold Press w/ 12 lb free weights 3 sets, 11 reps/ 0
  • dumbbell extensions w/ 15 lb free weight 3 sets, 11 reps/ 2 sets, 11 reps
  • Tricep Push down @ 40 lbs 3 sets, 11 reps/ 0

I felt weaker than weak. During my very first exercise, I barely finished the whole 3 sets and it went downhill from there. I'm not sure what was going on. Perhaps I need more rest time between weight workouts, but who know....they are totally different muscle groups with 24 hours rest time.

I will pat myself on the back for having an awesome time at spin. My legs felt super strong. Maybe it's only in comparison to my weak baby arms, but still, at least I felt successful at something!