Friday, September 22, 2006

It's the little things...

that drive me to drink. I can take a big blow and I'm fine, but pile on a bunch of little things, and I want a beer. My nutty co-worker is definitely going to turn me into an alcoholic before this year is over.

We had a department meeting yesterday and all she did was talk about her doctoral program and how great it is, and how she's so excited and how it's preparing her to do this and that. Meanwhile, there are 2 other people also in doctoral programs, including the supervisor who is trying to get her to talk about other stuff.

Also, for every one thing I did, she had to jump in and say that she did the same, plus 2 extra things. I should have jumped up and shook her saying, "When it's your time to report, then you can one up's my turn to talk now" The worst part is that she totally exaggerated the duties she has taken on.

My only consolation is that our supervisors know what is going on. They totally have her number. And that number is: crazy.

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