Tuesday, October 03, 2006


Yep, I'm one of those inconsistent ladies we all know and love. I just can't seem to get my crap together in any sort of way. I'm still under 170, which is great because it was so hard to get here. Unfortunately, the last time I got stuck like this it took more than 18 months to get out of the slump. Yikes! I'm doing all the wrong things: not packing lunch, eating bagels at breakfast, ignoring the fact that I feel like nutritional garbage (I am what I eat, you know).

Now it's time for excuses....I haven't been feeling well lately, my co-worker is nutty and she's starting to attach my name to zany, harebrained ideas in emails to our entire department, including supervisors and I have to spend tons o' time creating emails that are professional and yet make it clear that I did not agree with her. Oh, and my foot is still bothering me (it is feeling better, though)

I think I'm heading in the right direction for dinner. I'm making a roast chicken with a Israeli couscous "stuffing", steamed broccoli and baked potatoes. this big meal should yield me some core leftovers for lunch tomorrow. The days after that I'll worry about tomorrow night.

Last year when I was my most successful, I had another (not crazy) co-worker who was also doing Weight Watchers and we would eat lunch together every day and it was nice. We compared packed lunches. We discussed breakfast and dinner points. It was lovely. She was moved to another program so that the crazy one and I could have it out. I'm alone and it sucks.

I'm done complaining, and I'm going to put my chin up, smile, eat yummy roasted chicken sans skin (I hope) with couscous stuffing and I'm going be elated about it.


TC said...

It is so much easier to do this when you have someone to share it with (like a co-worker). You can do this. Good for you for staying under 170! Supper sounds wonderful. I am going to try a couscous stuffing. (are you doing WW Core?)

TrixieBelden said...

I hope you enjoyed the chicken and couscous - it sounded delicious. I know how hard work can be when you have clowns to the left of you and jokers to the right. I'm sure your supervisors will appreciate (if they don't already) your ability to tactfully distance yourself from your co-worker's nutiness. If all else fails, steal her stapler. It will make you feel better.

totegirl said...

I'm sorry. I wish I shared your fridge. We'd be rocking the weight loss by now! I'm so there. You know all that smack I was talking about 4 measley pounds, blah blah blah? Well I had pizza tonight. Yeah. I suck. So good on you for at least cooking your own dinner. You are a rock star!

JessiferSeabs said...

When I have periodic cases of "life overload," yes, it seems that my healthy eating and exercise are the first to go -- as if they are expendable.

What I've learned is two things:
1) Staying on track with eating and exericse keeps me sane in the rest of my life. It's like taking away choices so taht I don't have to obsess -- I just KNOW what I'm supposed to be doing.

2) Sometimes, in order to get back ON the program, I have to take a mental health day. And say what you will about this, but I fully believe in it -- I call in sick to work, but ONLY after making an agreement with myself that I will do the following: eat OP all day, get some exercise, fill my house with the right groceries and prep food as necessary, and clean the house.

It makes for an incredibly productive day, but one after which I can say "sigh... NOW things are as they should be."

Try it! It rocks!

And I agree about the co-worker thing... having a partner in crime makes everything much easier.