Friday, April 28, 2006

It's all about the weight

My mom and I upped out weights this week. I'm feeling very strong and it's also nice that our workouts are quicker because we're at the beginning of the cycle....only 3 sets of 6 this week at the high weight. But I'm becoming aware of how this is actually affecting my weight loss efforts. I'm not burning quite as many calories as I was towards the end of the last cycle when we were doing 3 sets of 12. It doesn't help that I didn't go to spin class this week, because I took a beading class instead. Granted, I have a new skill, but I also didn't burn 500 calories learning it.

I think that I'm just going to maintain my weight this week, unless some kind of miracle happens. Heck, I might even gain a little . Who knows? I sure don't.

Sunday, April 23, 2006

Girl Scout Cookies

I posted this picture on my other blog, but is so appropriate to the situation I'm in. Whenever my cookie supplier comes to me with her pre-teen eyes and cutie-pie smiles and that huge order form I am totally taken in. I'm also, at that point, thinking to myself, "I will buy some cookies. I will freeze said cookies and eat two at a time like a normal person." When the cookies actually come, like they did today I realize the following: ain't gonna happen. Not by a long shot. My only line of defense is to get other people to eat them. I happened to be at my Public Library and I lucked out and got the page to eat 13 out of a box of 16 Tagalongs....if I could just do that every Sunday for the next 6 Sundays I'll be okay. If the cookies last that long in my cupboard...

On a nicer, happier, less sugary note, I lost 2.4 pounds this week putting me at a very light 166.8. I'm also back at 10%...excellent. Now if I get get past this Girl Scout cookie thing, I will be a very happy person.

Thursday, April 20, 2006


Let me start out by telling you that I am a renowned non-sweater. I do not sweat...even in temperatures in the 90s or above...not much sweat, even in typical areas such as armpit and forehead. But last night, in spin class, I had a perspiration related miracle. I sweated, a lot. Not as much as my classmates, mind you, but for me it was an incredible amount. I had to wipe my forehead, I had stains in my pits. I even had sweat marks on my athletic bra. I know that a lot of people finding sweating to be disgusting, I however, am proud of my increasing ability to sweat. I am beginning to feel like an athlete.

Sad how I've done more than 7 triathlons, and it's the ability to sweat that is making me feel athletic.

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

To Race or Not To Race....

I've recently been struggling with finding races. Nothing seems to fit into my schedule, which is why this blog, instead of being the terrific triathlon training motivator that it was intended to be, is really just me complaining...a lot.

I have to decided how hard I want to search for a race. I don't train like I'm supposed to unless I have a goal...a race to scare me into working harder. Road races are easy to find,,in fact, I'll probably run the Mother's Day Race that my local running club does. That's not an issue. The issue is finding an appropriate triathlon that I can go to without much effort. My summer is chock full of other nonsense. I can't be driving all over the continent to a race and then ride home again. I've got 4 weddings to go to this summer! Talk about putting out cash! I don't even think I can afford to do a major less spend money on gas and hotel!


Monday, April 17, 2006

I can't believe I ate the whole thing

Okay, so I really didn't' eat the whole thing, but I am a bit panicked. I ate more that I usually do on a Sunday and at weigh in on Saturday, I didn't lose or gain an ounce. I was hoping to make it back to 10%.....grrrrrr.

Back to the eating. I had brunch with my in-laws and my parents and then a heft dinner at my parents house. I feel like a whale....well, I'm feeling over-stuffed at least. To undo this food attack I've set up a plan:

  • I will not eat all of my APs/ WFPs this week. I will have remaining ones on Sunday and I will like it.
  • I will drink more than my share of water. I will drink enough water for 2.5 people and I will like it.
  • I will take my vitamins and I will like it.
  • I will not gain at weigh in this Sunday and I will like it...actually, I will rejoice.

Thursday, April 13, 2006


Just a quick pop-in because I really have nothing to say at this point...I am on vacation and loving every minute of it. I do, however, have to share the fact that I'm finally getting dents in my biceps instead of just amass of flesh, I am getting definition in my arms. I thought this day would never come! Oh joy!

Sunday, April 09, 2006


For the first time in about 3 years I weighed in at under 170 pounds! Literally: 3 years! I am shocked and excited. I'm feeling more motivated than ever. I even am rejecting my normal Sunday mentality of "It's Sunday, I weighed in and lost, I can eat whatever....within reason, of course, but whatever regardless" I did, however, eat some peeps...I forced myself to share them with someone else, so I only ate half the box.

I weighed in at 169.2...if I can shave off a mere .4 by next Saturday, I will be back at 10%. If that happens, I might cry.

Thursday, April 06, 2006

Work out update

I did it again, another 2 day blast like I did last Wednesday. I'm not sure if I'm doing myself a service or if I'm killing myself for nothing...only time will tell. Next week I'm back to doing pull muscles on Sunday, push on Tuesday and spin class on Wednesday instead of jamming it all into a 36 hour period. I am exhausted.

Mudders and Grunter

Mudders and Grunters has come and gone. Amazon Hill and I had a blast! It was more work that I remembered, but it was just as much fun. I have to admit that at some points I didn't think I was going to make it due to the constant "squ-ushing" of pulling my feet out of swampy mud, and then there was the fall onto a bunch of tree branched that left me a tad cut up, but as you can see, my legs were still in one piece despite mud and grossness.

I got a cool t-shirt out of the deal, and possible plans for a race up in Albany....but more on that once plans are settled out.