Saturday, November 04, 2006

Introducing, the hungry

I came home last night ot discover that my bucket of worms had arrived! I know you all think I'm nuts, and that my husband thinks I'm nuts, but how much more earth friendly can you get? Mother Nature thinks I'm a genius. With this mere bucket of worms, I can prevent about 100lbs a year of garbage from entering landfills. That number will get higher as my worms propogate and I have to move them into a larger container.

Today, they will be eating egg shells, banana peel and tea bags. Nice!

If I get any more granola, I'm going to have to live on a commune, change my name to "Moonbeam", and start wearing buffalo sandals....sheesh!

1 comment:

totegirl said...

Please tell me more about the worms, and I mean that so sincerely!