Monday, December 11, 2006

Getting my duckies in a row

I'm currently waiting to do about a million things at once. I'm:
  1. waiting for the auto glass guys to call and tell me when the parts will be in and when I can drop off the car
  2. making polenta chips. The polenta is cooling on the stove right now as I type this.
  3. wondering why after my email explanation to my department as to why I'm not at work today, the crazy one had to share that her husband was in a very minor fender bender this weekend...but pretty much nothing else. Apparently, she's gotta do everything, and I mean everything, that I do and when I do it, too. Lol. I'm sure it's just a bad coincidence, but she didn't need to send me a whole email about it.
  4. avoiding Christmas cards...I should be doing them as I'm home and all, but I'm still procrastinating.

On WW note, I'm naming today as day one as the "Next 10 Challenge". Marta and I are looking to get into the lower set of 10 numbers on the scales...the dreaded 150s. I don't think that we'll be able to get there by January 1st realistically, so really this is phase 1 of a larger challenge. So for phase 1 I'd like to be under 165 by January 1st. If you want to join it, but all means do so. Here are the points of the challenge this far:

  • Sticking to your eating plan. No fudging it on Core or Flex. If you're on another plan, that's great, but you know how to "fudge it" and you've got to avoid it.
  • 3 days of exercise a week, a minimum of 30 minutes at a shot. I'm talking you've got to break a sweat kind of exercise. Not sweating buckets, but rosy cheeks, slightly moist kind of sweat.
  • Set a realistic goal. Mine is to get under 165 by January 1st. If my WW is open on New Year's eve, I'll try to get it done by then, but that's a personal note.
  • Think of a good reward. I'm going to treat myself to a pedicure if I get below 165. (Once I get into the 150s and my size 10s fit nicely on a consistent level, I'm going to treat myself to really good, really expensive jeans.)

I also took note of my bodily measurements this morning (hey, I'm really bored and a glutton for punishment). I'm going to start recording them once a month. I think they are far more important than what they scale says. Hell, I wouldn't care if I weight 186 again, if I had a 26 inch waist and I fit into a size 8 pants comfortably. I would probably be green and be able to lift cars over my head, but I'd be healthy and that's the point.

Regardless, I'm open to any suggestions.


Michelle said...

Thanks for the advice on WW! I've decided to join, and will attend my first meeting tomorrow! :) It'll be fun!

I'm sorry to read about your car! That's terrible! Good news is that you weren't hurt or even in the car at the time. And good luck on the Next 10 Challenge! You can do it! I would join, but I'm starting a challenge offline with a couple of friends on the 30th and don't want to overcommit myself. Maybe the next 'go round, tho!

Take care!

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