Monday, October 30, 2006

Crackritas, weigh-ins, and dogs, oh my!

I promised Marta that I would post tonight concerning the ever coveted Crack Margaritas.

Friday night, Chris and I went out to our favorite Mexican restaurant to meet another couple for dinner. And crack margaritas, of course. I, being the ever gracious, loving and on antibiotics kind of wife that I am, volunteered to be designated driver. This was an awesome choice. Chris had 8 or 9 margaritas over 3 hours. Let me say it again. Chris had 8 or 9 over-proof, crack-filled, should be illegal in the state of NY margaritas. Not to mention the husband in the other couple had almost as many, and just recently lost 17 pounds because of an infection he had in his hip/buns area. These guys were wasted. We ladies just laughed and laughed and made butt jokes while they stammered and looked sheepish and goofy. I'm still regretting not bringing my camera. Boy am I feeling stupid about that one.

On the food front of that beautiful evening, I kept to one margarita, and then water after. I also made my own core polenta chips and brought them with me, nervous that I would be made fun of. Nope, the other lady in our party...also doing Weight Watchers. Woo-hoo.

Saturday night was another night out to dinner with astrophysicist doctorate friend who was visiting from Indiana. I drank a diet coke, and water, no beer (even though I really wanted one).

Sunday morning, I went to weigh in and I lost 2 pounds last week! I am so jazzed, especially since I had gone out to dinner both Friday and Saturday nights. I'm hoping to do almost as well this week. If I lose 1 pound I'll be happy.

Sunday night was doggie sleep over night. Una, my parent's pup, stayed at our place for the night. She wouldn't leave poor Reuben alone. She terrorized him. I'm sure the noise of 2 dogs scampering in our apartment terrorized our elderly landlord downstairs.

Damn Blogger won't let me post any pictures...and there will be dog pictures!


totegirl said...

You are my personal hero. I've seen those margaritas. They look DELECTABLE & DELICIOUS! I could not have stopped at one. Maybe at 2, but no way at one. Too bad about the camera, but there's always next time!

Super-duper congrats on the loss! I think bringing your own chips is BRILLIANT! I must do that next time I hit Chuy's. Their salsa is so good, but I thought I had to deprive myself for obvious reason. No longer! Even if I don't make my own, I could always get some baked chips and bring those. Gah! I'm pretty thick sometimes.

Yay! I'm glad you posted and can't wait to see the pics!

Amazon Alanna said...

The benefit of the polenta chips is that they are *core*!

Amazon Alanna said...

The benefit of the polenta chips is that they are *core*!