Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Retail Therapy

I decided that I needed some retail therapy today, so my mom and I went to Target to see what damage we could do. I had to buy tights and spray bleach anyway, so it had a good reason behind it. I'm pretty happy with what I bought for myself. Aside from the Target version of Purell (it's cold and flu season at school so I'm just getting prepared for that) I bough myself a Halloween T-shirt for 50 cents. It's black with white bones that form a heart in the center of the shirt. Yeah, I'm going to wear it all the time. I like it that much. I also got Mickey Mouse post-its for a dollar so I can give them to a co-worker who is very sensitive about a Disney shirt that he has. Another reading teacher, Cathy, and I like to torture him a little...so he'll be getting them inter-office mail when I get back to work.

Food is going well, I'm saving some FPs for the lunch we are having tomorrow after the funeral. I don't think food is going to be an issue because the quality of restaurant my aunt picked is awful. I'm a stress eater, but I need comfort foods, not deli meats. I know my bitching about the lunch tomorrow might sound cold, but my grandmother ate well. She bought and cooked herself asparagus and lamb chops. Having her remembrance lunch at a deli kind of place just feels weird. I'm digressing, so back to my stress eating plan....I plan to bring some WW bread in my purse, just in case. It's a totally weird thing to do, but I need options.

Now that I'm processing all this food/stress eating/freaking out stuff, I'm realizing that I should be proud of myself. I could totally use this situation to my mouth's advantage and just eat until I pop. I know I'm certainly tempted. Everyone at WW would understand. My ass, however, would not be so forgiving and it would show on the scale. I have to remember that the reasons my grandmother lived so long and so well is that she danced for most of her life and she ate well. She had a veggie or a fruit at every meal. She ate healthy snacks. She even let herself have a small dessert at night with her decaf coffee. Everything in moderation...her life is proof that it works.

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TC said...

I think bringing some ww bread with you in your purse is smart. It is kind of an odd place to go considering. Your grandmother sounds like a wonderful rolemodel.