Wednesday, October 21, 2009


Okay, what happened to the blogger I was familiar with?  I feel like I using a spell-check-free doppelganger.  Weird.

Overdue update here

Things around here have been a tad hectic.  Alexander had a terrible couple of weeks.  First he had a virus that gave him 5 days of horrible diarrhea, followed by about 3 days of being well, only to get another stomach virus that was all about barfing.  This one only lasted 3 days, but he cut his last front tooth and 4 molars during those 3 days.  It was heinus.  Mark my words.  Heinus.  He's fine now, thank God. 
Aside from the teeth, Alexander has been learning to do some really cool things.  He can stack 3 and 4 blocks.  He can say "Touch", "touch that", "again", "dog", "cat", "uh-oh", "this", "that", "dada".  He can also sign for "more" and "please"  Of course, he doesn't say "moma".  Boo!  It'll come in time.

Other than that, we are rocking and rolling around here.  I'm trying to get ahead on bills, like paying off my car a little early, and clearing up the house renovation stuff on my credit card (at 1.9% interest).  I think that I'm going to have to cut 2 things out of my life that I haven't been committed to:  Curves and Weight Watchers.  I haven't had the time to go to Curves since the summer.  That's $49 bucks a month.  As for WW, I haven't been working the program, I haven't been attending meetings.  My head just isn't in it.  Strangely, I've been losing a bit of weight on my own, so I think I'm going to quit that at least for a little while.  That's $39.95 a month.  So, that's 88.95 I could be putting towards the principal on my car.

Thursday, October 01, 2009

October 1st Update

Ah, back to the blog. It's so comfy and nice here. I'm on break at work, so I'm allowed to be doing this, but I don't have much time so I'm going bullet style:
  • I decided not to be upset by the "when are you due" question. I review what I was wearing and to be honest I was wearing a frumpy sweater that is starting to lose it's shape around the middle. I did wear it while I was pregnant with Alexander, so the stomach is a tad stretched out.
  • Alexander, although is fine now, had a stomach virus for a week. That's lots of diarrhea, folks. The poor little guy. We were in and out of the doctor's office. He's as good as new now.
  • Alexander has a newish game he likes to play. We call it doggie diving. Chris and I discourage it. I do have it on video and will have to post it later on when I have more time and I have my at home computer to post it with. It's basically played by Alexander walking (waddling?) up to a relaxed Reuben, crawls up one side of Reuben's back and rolls down the other. It's pretty funny, and Reuben doesn't seem to mind, but it's not fair tot he dog to let the little guy do it, so we're trying to get Alexander to use pillows and large stuffed animals instead.
  • I've been knitting and knitting and knitting. I've become addicted to knitting socks. I love it! And then I have socks to wear when I'm done. Greatest hobby ever...except for my old sock monkey obsession...which reminds me, I have to set up my sewing machine...

That's it for now! I'm off to read blogs while I still have a little lunch time left.