Sunday, December 03, 2006

She's crafty....

This post is inreference to Trixie and Marta's responses to this post.

I haven't done many quilts in my life, maybe 4 of various sizes. A couple of wall hangings, the one you saw in the picture with Reuben, and another one that is still just a quilt top and actually needs to be quilted...ooops! I saw them completely by hand, except for the first step in the binding process....I've got to learn to sew a straight line on my machine....I did that on the big quilt to increase the sturdiness of the binding.

Here are my current projects:

  • Flying geese quilt made from scraps and fat quarters I've got lying around.
  • Green cotton scarf
  • Blue micro fleece scarf

Reuben's current projects:

  • sleeping
  • snoring
  • dreaming that he's chasing squirrels

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I cannot believe you sew them by hand! That gives me hope that I can make a quilt someday.

Reuben is such a doll! This picture makes me want to go home and hang out with my dog. They're so adorable when they're sleeping!

So, congrats on the 167! I would like to have a challenge. Let's get the hell out of the 160s ASAP! I'm trying to get back on track, but I have to find my motivation again. I'm trying, though.