Saturday, July 02, 2011

July it is.

Alexander is now in love with my iPod Touch. I exchanged points from my credit card for some iTunes gift cards and bought a number of toddler games and puzzles. I'm not big on letting little kids use a lot of technology, but I also think that technology is moving so fast that some exposure is necessary. I know that he is playing games that are age appropriate, and he has a screen time limit, which he hates, but rules are rules.

I've also been reading about the 17 Day Diet...I'm not totally convinced, but what I'm reading is reminding me of Weight Watcher old "Core" program with some extra rules and regulations. I'm going to read more before I completely dive in. I am starting to watch my carbs though, because I definitely have a huge "white death" problem. I love those sugary, white carbs. Yum!