Thursday, December 21, 2006

Phase 0?

Things are not going well for me Challenge wise these days, it's almost like I'm in Phase 0 of the challenge...the planning phases. The holidays plus the 3 days of being sick and not really following plan (100 calorie packs and toast are my friends)./ I know I'll get back on track soon, but I'm so distracted between work, being sick earlier in the week, and trying to get ready for Christmas (which is a struggle). I know it'll all fall into place one of these days...or even one of these upcoming moments...I just need to concentrate, but I have no energy for it.

That's my brief update, and now it's back to work for me. I'll be back later on tonight when I'm at the library.

1 comment:

totegirl said...

I like that...Phase 0. I'm there with you.

You are so my twin. I got my hubby a BK video game too!

Don't worry if we kinda suck this holiday season. We'll get to it just as soon as they're doubt, and no excuses.