Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Edging towards the light

I'd like to thank all of you who posted to my blog yesterday. It felt good to hear all of your commentary and advice. I really needed it.

After my total freakout yesterday, I was determined to have a fabulous day today...when I woke up this morning, I forgot completely about all that...but not entirely.

  1. I had 2 mice to release in the "No Mouse in House" relocation project. It seems that every other fall we find mice sneaking into our apartment, eyeballing the toast crumbs. Out comes the Hav-a-hart trap and the relocation process begins. Total so far is 3 mice (one adult and 2 younger ones) which included a release of 2 today. I dropped them off in a field with plenty of mouse accommodating areas.
  2. Forgot to eat breakfast this morning....too focused on making sure the mice were okay. They are just so damn cute....
  3. I did pack lunch, so I get a thumbs up for that. It wasn't a totally core lunch. I had chicken with low fat mayo on WW whole grain bread. It's certainly a ton better than what I have been eating for lunch recently, so I'm going to give myself a thumbs up on that one. Plus, I bought cut up melon off of the lunch truck. Double thumbs up.
  4. I ate a naughty snack at Starbucks this afternoon between work and tutorial...poop.
  5. I'm planning a nice dinner of spicy beans and brown rice. Yummm! Plenty of leftovers for lunch tomorrow.

So I think improvement is obvious....

  • Remember to eat breakfast
  • Pack lunch for cryin' out loud (especially since it's parent/teacher night tomorrow night and I'm going out to dinner with the rest of the staff.
  • Get my arse back to the gym. If I keep telling myself that, it just might happen!

Oh, and crazy co-worker didn't get what she wanted from our department supervisor yesterday, so she emailed our site supervisor, who replied back to her, and cc'd me....what is she thinking?


Darth Julie said...

"I ate a naughty snack at Starbucks this afternoon between work and tutorial...poop."

Wait. You ate poop? And think it's a naughty snack? Also, you ate poop?

Darth Julie said...

And since when does Starbucks serve poo?

Man alive, I am getting so much mileage out of this.