Sunday, April 29, 2007 25

The last 18 hours have been dieting hell. I left my food journal at work (duh) and so I've been trying to keep track of flexies on a little piece of paper...not as effective. Plus, while Chris was out bike riding with his buddy, Mike, last night, I was attacked by girl scout cookies and almonds. I don't know what happened, but it was almost a frenzy. Well, not so much a frenzy, more like I kept finding myself in the kitchen with cookies in my hand and mouth. There was really no thought process behind it at all. That's the part that sucks.

I guess at this point, the only thing to do is to get back on that wagon and ride into the sunset and just take what the scale says on Wednesday in stride. I can't undo what was done, but I can think of that old WW philosophy about the dozen eggs. It goes something like: If you drop one egg on the floor, you're not going to look at the 11 left and throw them after it. I have to stop and get back on track right away (I'll have to control myself tonight when the really, really good cheese comes out...that might be a story in itself later.)

Added to this is that I still haven't gotten myself to the gym! Not even for a massage or yoga! Can you believe it? I certainly can.....I am a bad, bad girl.

Other than dieting woes, I am trying to get my hobbies organized, which is a joke because nothing about my life at home is organized....but I've got some projects that I want to do and getting organized will help.

Thursday, April 26, 2007

Planning out the week

I love planning out the week, but it seems like I can't really stick to it. Very lame. the only thing that may get sticky this week end is dinner at my in-law, which is always a big to-do. There is always tempting, tempting food. Brie ( other demon, easily partnered with PIGS IN A BLANKET), almonds, rich rich savory dinner food, super dessert. It seems that every time I go, there is no plan that will stick. I'm thinking that I'll have to horde 20 flexies just for that night because it's not exactly Core-ific!

I love my mother-in-law, she is very understanding of my dieting, and she's not putting those wonderful foods out to tempt me...she's putting them out for Chris. Her only child. The man who can eat anything without repercussion. The man who eats a solid 7-9 meals a day.

The other thing I really need to do is start exercising again. I miss it, but I'm also not terribly enthusiastic about starting it up again. It's a weird thing. Maybe I need to break into it slowly...go to yoga tomorrow night like I wanted to. That might be the way to do it. Will I actually get in there? I don't know.

Other than this, things are going okay. I'm in the last quarter of school. I only have one reading report left to write. I do need to start post-testing all the students on May 1st, but that's okay. I like my job and all it's geeky little bits.

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Day 21

Where are all these days getting to? I have not a clue.

Lost 1.2 at WI today. I'm averaging 1 pound a week, and that's a fine start by all accounts. I'm not unhappy. I still have 79 days left and who knows what my body has in store for me once it stops boo-hooin' over the allergies.

This past week was a decent one, and I'm expecting the next week to be just as good. I've got menu ideas for the upcoming week. I want focus on getting de-stressed so I think I might go to Rest and Relaxation yoga at my gym on Friday and then maybe a massage Saturday afternoon. Once I get the stress management thing underway, I'll consider other things. Meanwhile, I'm allergic to the world and as a result, I can't go running or bike riding. Maybe I'll get back into the weights. Only time will tell....but I'll keep you posted.

While I was at my meeting tonight, another member said exactly what I truly believe...that many of us actually have an eating disorder (usually food addiction) and we need to go to meeting just like the people who go to AA or NA. I'm so glad that I'm not the only one at my meeting who feels that way! The last time I spoke to someone about it they thought I was nuts.

The other cool thing that happened is that there is a sudden and huge interest in Core. I got to participate so much more than I usually do (at this new meeting, at the old meeting I talked a lot). Very cool!

Sunday, April 22, 2007

Day 18 of 100

Well, things this weekend have not been as uneventful as I had hoped and bragged about earlier this week. I actually went last night to my husband's boss' house to watch Ultimate Fighting Championship which I love. I'm not even ashamed about it. Some women like football, some like baseball, I like mixed martial arts, but I digress. I love Chris' boss and his wife. They are awesome. It doesn't help that they think I should start a bakery. So, in honor of their good taste, I made rocky road cupcakes to bring with us. I made rocky road because I knew I wouldn't be tempted to eat them because it's too much chocolate. (I am not a fan of chocolate cakes and such...blech!) and just so you know, the picture is not of one of my cupcakes...mine are prettier (lol).

Here are the dieting ups and downs:


  1. I made the rocky road cupcakes instead of the cookie dough cupcakes that I've become famous for.

  2. I didn't eat dinner at home because Mrs. Boss has pigs in a blanket every single time I go there and even if I ate dinner first, I would eat pigs in a blanket until I needed stitches in my stomach.


  1. I ate pigs in a blanket for dinner for cryin' out loud!

I'm still doing well otherwise. I'm at the library right now and I brought all Core foods with me...mainly because I am out of flex points. It happens. I'll get over it.

Note: Anyone who also wants to make super awesome cupcakes; I get my recipes from Cupcakes from The Cake Mix Doctor. It is seriously the best cook book I own.

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Day 14, weigh in #2

Official WI: 179.6 A loss of .8 and I am not unhappy. Sometimes the best things take off in a slow manner. I'm determined to have a good week this upcoming week. I've got no pot luck dinners, no cupcakes that I have to make. It's going to be an average, hanging out kind of week...and I'm happy for it.

I think that this is the week that I'm going to starting running again. My allergies are already killing me, so why not be outside more? Plus, the temperature is perfect for me to run in...kind of cool out. And I've got my new iPod shuffle that I've yet to play with....all signs point to "run"!

Monday, April 16, 2007

More Library pics

For those of you who have forgotten what my old library looked like, here's that post

This is the Teen Room. As you can imagine, it's very popular with the 12-16 crowd.

This is the view from one of the adult reading areas.
This is the mezzanine seating area. I love it!

New Library

It occured to me that I never posted picture of the new library! Same on me.

This is the information desk where I am posted.

This is the John Cheever Reading Room.
Children's room book display.
Children's room.
Adult Room.

Day 12/100

It's time to catch up folks....I didn't quite stay on plan all weekend, but I didn't do too poorly except for the the beer...I did let myself have beer not only Saturday night at my friend's party, but also yesterday when I came home from working at the library. It was a torrential downpour and Corona with lime seemed to be the way to dry off and warm up. And ya know what? It worked.

I'm back to my regular plan. I ate yummy fat free Greek yogurt this morning with Core cereal added to it for current breakfast favorite. I ate multi-grain pasta for lunch with edamame, mushrooms, zucchini, scallions, garlic sauteed in a little olive oil. I'm definitely back on track.

I'm working on a new quilt....well, it's a quilt top that I sewed together 10 years ago and I'm just getting around to quilting it now. I'm finding it to be an interesting project because if I had sew this quilt top more recently, I would not have chosen half of the fabrics that I did. I do like the pattern, though, which is a classic Amish Sunshine and Shadow.

I also am becoming addicted to Work Out on Bravo. Watching that show makes me want to go to the gym and exercise the way I used to when I was actually training for triathlons. The mind is currently willing, but the flesh is weak....and lazy. I have some ideas on how to get some gym time in, but it involves getting up at the crack of dawn and I'm not sure if I'm that dedicated as of yet. I can't even seem to get to the gym consistently when I'm already awake, no less getting up over an hour earlier to get there. Sheesh!

Friday, April 13, 2007


I just saw this while walking my dog.....very unusual to see this sort of bird close up....

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Day 7, weigh in #1

I lost 1 full pound. I'm very happy with that considering that this weekend was that tests and Easter. Things didn't get completely out of control, but this weight watchers week will be much better. Not much going on at all. I have a pot luck to go to on Saturday that I'm really excited about...but the benefit of going to a pot luck is being able to bring your own food.

I'm hoping to lose 2-3 pounds by next Wednesday, which should put me back on track for losing 30 pounds in 100 days.

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Day 6

Things have been weird all over. My home computer crashed at the end of last week, which is why I haven't been posting. I also haven't been able to keep track of my calories. My brother did fix it yesterday and he upgraded our hard drive to boot.

Anyway, I'm staying about the same weight wise...but only my official weigh in will tell us for sure. I'm not giving up my 30 in 100, just might take some time. I think I"m off to a good start. I'm getting my eating under better control. I'm watching portion sizes, which is a big thing for me. Once I switched to Core, I let that portion sizes get slightly out of control.

Friday, April 06, 2007

Day 2

Morning weigh in: 180.4

Today I had my National Boards test, which was a killer. To celebrate the fact that I don't have to think about this stupid process until the scores come out next November, Chris and I had wine and cheese for lunch....I planned to have a high points day...I think between the wine and cheese I used about 19 points. It's okay, it works into my devious plan (Easter dinner is Core because it's at my mother's house...also a Core-bie) I've got 10 flexies left, give or take a couple. I'm good!

Aside from the wine and cheese super lunch, I treated myself to a massage, which I greatly deserved. I think I'm going to treat myself more often. I'm going to horde up my extra $$ whenever I can so I can get a massage. Why do I work so many frickin' hours to pay bills if I can't get a massage once every month or two! I work like a dog, people!

Thursday, April 05, 2007

Day 1

Morning WI: 180.4

I'm off to a roaring start. My mom and I went to the veggie market and bought a bunch of fresh veggies and then headed out to Target. When we were done shopping we were hungry, so my mom bought a pretzel, I ate an apple from my veggie market purchases...I'm such a winner today. I'm feeling really good about this...granted it's day one and I've got 99 days to go, but hey, a good start is a good start, right?

------------food totals for the day-----------

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

30 in 100

I have finally reached the limit...the end of my proverbial rope. I'm back from vacation and 181.4 according to the official weight watchers scale. I'm ready for a change. A big change. I plan to lose 30 pounds in 100 days. It all starts tomorrow (and I'm not having a last night binge/pity party tonight) and it ends on Friday, July 13...just a few days before my 34th birthday. I am fed up with all this crap I've been doing to myself. I don't know how I let myself get this far...I must have been preoccupied beyond belief with the national boards crap...damn!
I'm at a new WW meeting that meets on Wednesday nights. So no more full day of eating crap like I used to do on Sundays. I'm back to core, but I'm also going to keep track of calories so it helps me watch portion sizes....a big problem for me when I get like this!

Anyone out there having a similar slap in the face recently?