Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Day 2 of 21

Things are going well here in Phase 1 of the Next 10 Challenge. Here are the stats:
  • 29/35 Flexies left (ie no fudging has taken place)
  • 0/90 minutes exercise done

That pedicure is going to be MINE!

Things are looking good. My major goal for the evening is to clean up the computer room enough to set up my bike trainer so I don't have to leave the house to get some exercise in. That'll be cool, right? It will eliminate one of my biggest excuses...the dreaded...well I don't have time to actually get to the gym, find parking, and wait for a machine. I will have a machine right in my own apartment. Clever, eh?


Anonymous said...

what is a bike trainer? please tell me it's something you set your actual bike on to turn it into a stationary bike. why? because i'm getting a bike for xmas! woohoo! but i don't know how to ride one and i'm scared of riding in traffic! ha ha! joke's on me!

Anonymous said...

I think your next ten challenge is awesome. I wanted to sign up, but I know myself and I can't imagine actually managing to exercise at least 3 times in one week. Real exercise where you sweat. So I was a woosie and didn't comment on your last post. But now that I've written this I've decided that I'm going to get off my ass and I am going to join your next 10 challenge! I'm going to the gym tomorrow!