Monday, January 11, 2010

No Resolutions Here

Sorry, folks.  I didn't mean for so much time to go by without posting, but sometimes life gets in the way.  Eh, it happens.

I decided that this year there would be no resolutions with the new year.  Instead, I decided to make habits. I'm figuring if i can start and maintain a new habit every 2 or 3 weeks my health will improve and I'll probably loose weight without tryting really hard.  Right now, I'm working on drinking a lot of water.  Pretty easy to do at work.  Not so easy on the weekends, but I'm really working on it, and it's getting easier. 

My next habit will be to plan out dinners for the week; healthy dinners, that it.  This habit will help me to be sure to get in more veggies at dinner, and it will help me budget food money better and will help to use leftovers more effectively.  Roast chicken yesterday?  Okay, faux chicken pot pie today.

On another note, things at work are getting weird.  The weirdo that I had such issues with a few years ago is pregnant again.  I'm very happy for her.  She and I had to have a meeting recently and we were talking about our sons. (She has twin boys about a month older than Xander).  The baby she is carrying is a girl, so we were talking about baby names.  I told her that if Chris and I were blessed with a girl the next time around we'd have trouble naming her because I love really ethnic Irish names and he doesn't.  To this, she replied, " I really don't think you're ever going to have a baby girl."  Wah?  Who says that kind of thing?  Especially to someone you're not friends with?  I dunno.  She's just a tad strange.

And just for fun, a picture of the baby for no reason.