Thursday, November 09, 2006

Negative 46?

I did not follow my eating plan. I have been accountable, however, and I have written down everything that has gone into my big gob. I am at -46 Flex points. Yes, I used my allotted 35 and then ate 46 more. I have no regrets. Am I back on track? Yes, I'm having a core-ific day. I'm going to work on having a core-ific day again tomorrow. It has got to be the stress of the past few all the eating out my family has done in on Tuesday and Wednesday. 23 of those points were alcohol. Not all at once, mind you, but still.

I'm also buying a new car. I'm trading in my Subaru for a newer Subaru. So I'm going to be totally broke...but I'll have a shiny new car. It'll actually be a really good thing. My car is slowly, but surely, deteriorating. Even if Subaru gives me half the money they quoted me for my old one, I'm still on it like stink on a skunk. I don't want to be stuck this winter if my car decided to go bonkers for no reason, so '07 Forester, here I come.

I'm also proud to announce that I am almost completely done with my quilt. I just have about an hour left of sewing and then I get to remove the basting. My next project is teaching myself to knit socks. I'll keep ya'll updated on might be great, or it might be nuts. Only time will tell.


totegirl said...

I knew there was more than one reason to love you! I own a Subaru too! It's a 2002 Impreza Sports Wagon. I LOVE MY SUB! My son wants it when he gets his license, but no way am I letting some teenager wreck my precious car!

Oh, and great job on the quilting! That had to take forever, no? It's very intimidating to me, but it's something I want to learn before I exit this world. Knitting is also intimidating to me. For some reason, crocheting seems easier. Well I say that but I still haven't gotten off the second page of my tutorial. And there's like 20 pages. Uh-oh.

Have a core-ific weekend, one day at a time. You can't be perfect all the time, but if you're perfect, say 80%?, then I think you're doing phenom.

TC said...

have a core-ific weekend. Good for you for keeping track even when you are off course. I tend not to do that as if not counting them somehow makes them less points. Congrats on the quilt and the car. You should post pics of both when the time comes!

Darth Julie said...

i'm going to miss that car.