Thursday, December 14, 2006

I'm still in the game

My Next 10 Challenge update: I'm still in the games, but things are getting tight. They wouldn't be this tight if I had kept up with the exercise part of the challenge...but there is still time. My fatal flaw was that I forgot to pack a snack to eat with my sugar free latte between work and tutoring, so I got a crispy rice bar at Starbucks. My thinking was this: The prepackaged rice crispy treat bar are 2 points each, I figure 5-6 points tops. Come to find out 11 points. ELEVEN Points. I am dumbfounded. I would have done better with a bagel for crying out loud. Oh well, it's done. It's over. (I'm still astonished, though)

Anyway, I still have flexies left, and if I get in my 30 for the next 3 days I'll be able to up that.

I'm glad that there are about 5 of us doing this challenge:

If there are more of you, let me know! You can join at any time...we are in Phase 1, which ends on Jan 1st. I'm also looking for phase 2 suggestions.

1 comment:

jeannie* said...

11 points IS astounding!!! But you counted it, you still have some flexies, and youre back on track. And THAT my friend, is the important thing.

Keep it up!