Sunday, December 03, 2006

Down and not out

I am please to announce that I am back down to 167 this morning, according to the official scales at Weight Watchers. There are also rumors that Weight Watchers will be unrolling the program changes during the week of Dec 10-16th, so I am excited to see what the changes are to the Core program. Plus, my WW center hasn't had any 12 week books in a while, so my leader thinks they have probably reworked them somehow. I hope it's awesome and not a horrible change...I try to use the 12 week book to keep me centered during the week. I hope the new version doesn't suck eggs.

So, because I'm down 3 pounds, I'm not out of the running for WW. I'm feeling pretty motivated right now and it helps that when I asked Chris what he wanted for dinner tonight he told me I could make whatever I wanted to eat. I'm thinking fish and veggies....maybe even brussels sprouts if I can find them at the grocery store. (They are hard to find sometimes)

In other news:

  • I seem to have twisted my knee in my sleep, so now I have a hot, slightly swollen knee that hurts shin I do pretty much anything. I think a stop at the orthopedist might be needed. Poo.
  • I have yet to take pictures of my new quilting squares, but I think I'm going to have the time to do so tonight, so I hope you enjoy them when I post later.
  • The worms are fine. I'm going to be separating some out and putting them back into their old container so I can bring them to show the 1st graders I work with. They are totally excited about it.
  • Chris told me yesterday that my in-laws were going to come for a visit today while I'm at work. This prompted me to wash all the dishes (had to do it twice, because there were so many), swiffer the kitchen floor, organize my work/tutorial/committee bags. He called me at the library a little while ago to let me know he's going to their house because his mom isn't feeling well. I'm happy about that because I don't feel the apartment was as clean as I would have liked it to be for them to visit and I'm also happy that the original plan made me get done a bunch of things I had been putting off.
  • I'm giving up temporarily on knitting socks. I don't feel ready to turn a heel, or make a gusset. I am going to use my grandmother's circular knitting needles to make a nice scarf or two, as my old one is currently biting the dust.

I think that's all I've got for now. I'll be back later, provided I have the time to take pics of my current projects.....


Okay, so it's only been like a half hour since I wrote this post, but I had to tell you that while I was leaving the library on break I nearly ran into my first serious boyfriend. I'm glad it was nearly, because to this date, I'm pissed that I let him treat me badly during our last month or so together, and I also would be tempted to flaunt the fact that I never got back together with him, even though he begged, and that I'm married and he ain't. Phew.

I also made a trip to the grocery store that's down the block and bought brussels sprouts and bananas. Score!

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