Tuesday, November 28, 2006

So Far, So good

So far this week is going well WW wise, so I am very pleased with myself. Plus, Marta taught me a new trick:

(I removed it because I made it too big. Crap.)

I'm very impressed with myself at the moment....I've got 33 of 35 flexies left! I'm hoping that I keep this chipper attitude.

As for other news:

  • The crazy coworker is out sick. She emailed her plans, and I emailed her back with a yes or no question. I got back a 2 paragraph email that didn't answer my question, but was really defensive. I asked if she were going to be using a certain poem with her English class...I was trying to be helpful, not mean. Paranoia abounds!
  • I started a new quilt. It's a pattern called "Flying Geese". It's an easy way to use up all my scraps, and still have a very pattern oriented quilt. I have found out, however, that most of my scraps are purple and blue. Oops. Not much diversity in my scrap basket!

I'll be back later, I'm sure....


Anonymous said...

I'm SO excited for your new quilt! I made two quilts a few years ago - one for my mom and one for my sister's wedding. I LOVED it. I haven't been sewing since before I started school. Do you do yours by hand, or on a machine? How long have you been quilting? Share some photos!

Anonymous said...

What Trixie said! Dish!