Saturday, June 30, 2007

Can you believe it?

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where was I?

Let me start by saying that yesterday was a superb baby brother and I went for an 8 mile bike ride, followed by floating around at the yacht club's pool (did I mention my mom retired from being their clubhouse manager and is now a member, so I got to be my baby bro's guest) No one else was at the pool because it was 71 degrees out...the water, however, was 80. Plus it was sunny... we did nothing for about 2 hours. Brilliant! He ate a beautiful grilled cheese burger, and I brought whole wheat pasta salad...core, of course.

Last night I used a ton of my flexies because we had a birthday dinner for my 2nd brother (the police officer), but it was ok. My job was to bring the beer and appetizers. I brought light Coronas and all my apps were low in points. Awesome. I'll have to post some pic later when I upload them onto my computer....

I'm not seeing any budge on the scale yet, but I know all my good deeds will show up eventually. If not this week's WI, then next weeks. I just got to keep up the good food Samaritan thing and I'll do fine.

Today Chris and I are sitting on our balcony porch. He's practicing on his drum pad, I'm on the computer, and Reuben is taking a snooze on his dog bed that we dragged out for him. It's beautiful out here.....

I feel like a bad blogger because other than exercise and vacation, I've got nothing going evil coworkers big adventures. Nada. But hey, I'm living the good life these days....

Thursday, June 28, 2007


It's been a good day today. I ran for 22 minutes, and then did chest, shoulders, and triceps at the gym, and then my baby brother (and gym employee) taught me some new ab exercises. Nice! Food is also going well. I'm trying to save my flexies for my brother's birthday dinner which might be tomorrow night...but that information is yet to come.

I'm really feeling good about this time around. I've got plenty of time to do what I want and get to the gym, which is nice for a change. I like not having to choose because we all know what gets put to the side 9 times out of 10.

Tomorrow might be another good day. Baby bro and I are going to go on a bike ride and then for a swim at the pool. He want to do laps...I just want to float around in my spring float. I might do a few laps...we'll have to see how I'm feeling once we get there.

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Blasted outta the water

Well, my planned work outs were destroyed today. I was planning on a nice leisurely run, but when I turned on the television to see the weather report and there was an Air Quality warning for those with bronchial issues. I'd run in an advisory, but not in a warning. That's asking for asthmatic bronchitis or just an attack. Not fun. So then I got to work on some other stuff figuring I'd go for a swim or a bike ride...and then what happens? Thunder storms and flash floods. Oh, good times. So I had to take the day off. Jeez. I guess that tomorrow I will have to double up...weights and cardio. I might have to get up extra early to get a run in...I'm not looking forward to that.

Other than it being super hot (for NY) and super humid, and my being super uncomfortable in an asthmatic sense, I'm doing okay. I have been tracking all my food like a good little core girl. I'm hoping this takes this time.

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

A change in plans

I had a change of plans today. I woke up really late this morning (10!) and walked out into my front room to figure out that Chris has my bike rack in his trunk because he went riding with his buddy on Sunday, so I couldn't ride this morning. Not a big deal as the weather lady told us to limit activities today because of the temp (only 92 it's 98 out there!)and the oppressive humidity plus the possibility of thunder storms. I decided to make the best of it and went to the pool instead. I got to use my new floatie, which I love. Mine is not a fancy one, just a basic blow up with netting to cradle your body. It was so nice to float around. I wish I could have taken a little snooze, but the sailing academy kids were playing shark and minnow in the deep and and I was using a new sun screen so I was afraid that if I were a sleep I wouldn't notice if I started to feel "the sizzle"

Tonight I'm hoping for a relaxing evening. I have some stuff to plan for the grad class tomorrow night, but other than that, I'm not too concerned. I'm thinking I need to get myself into a WW meeting, but other than those 2 things, I'm good!

I've been to a WW meeting and am currently weighing 183...which is totally gross, but I have to remember my focus: becoming (or refinding) the athlete within!

I also got an uncontrollable craving during the meeting...for cherries! That's a craving I can live with.

Monday, June 25, 2007

A new beginning


Today was officially the first day of summer vacation (aside from teaching graduate school) and I was a good girl. I let myself sleep in a little bit, but then I got up, ran for 20 minutes, walked another 10, and then went to the gym and lifted weights. I feel really good about getting this done. Tomorrow I don't work at all. I'm hoping to get a nice bike ride in tomorrow and then a relaxing dip at the pool (no laps). That depends on the weather.

A massage is in order sometime this week. I earned it by not tearing the head off of my crazy co-worker during the last week of school when she screwed up (another) state testing situation, and did nothing to help anyone do anything for our department's state exam (English/Reading). I maintained by composure through her idiocy, her shirking work, and lastly her email to me saying she was glad that "we patched thing up", which is funny because I'm the one who apologized for calling her a "poopyhead"...literally a poopyhead...she *never* apologized for calling me "that f*cking bitch" behind my back and just "Bitch" to my face. Thankfully, she was transferred to another program because another reading teacher retired....ugh. Sorry about the rant. I deserve a massage!

Tomorrow is another day of fun!

Saturday, June 23, 2007


I've been thinking over the last few days...usually within the confines of a margarita or beer induced stupor because I just started vacation (10 weeks of severely reduced hours....yowzas!) and I had an epiphany. I remember that the last time that I lost a lot of weight and got down to 142 was when I kept a general food log, not really being super crazy about food, but I was at the gym 4 days a week and I was training for my first triathlon. I am going to continue with the Weight Watchers, because I really need the support, but I'm going to spend a lot of time at the gym and outside. I'm just going to let what ever happens happen.

So essentially, I'm going to train for a tri, even though I don't have one planned. I will probably do a couple of 5Ks this fall with my friend, Hill. I'm going to fill my belly with nutritious food and just let my body do what it's going to do. I refuse to get stressed about it, I refuse to get worked up about it. That's it. I'm on vacation. I want to have fun. I want to be outside. I don't want to be obsessed with my weight. If I eat in a nutritious way and have fun outside, the weight will come off. Right?

Sunday, June 17, 2007

To begin again?

Despite having one more official week of work still looming ahead...which is mostly proctoring tests, scoring the second half of the English Regents, and making graduation, possibly having to pack up my office (I might be moving to another location)...I've decided that I've had enough of my nonsense. I'm steadily gaining weight and it stinks. I hate it and I've got to get a grip on myself. I have to begin again, and that beginning is tomorrow with my eating habits. Next week comes the exercise component...I'll have no excuses...I'm not going to have anything to do because I have 10 weeks of vacation time with very little summer work!

I know that I've had two failed self challenges in the past...I think both had great potential...the next 10 and 30/100...I need to mix them some how...smaller goals like the next 10, but time demands like 30 in 100....I'm not sure where to go with this...

Does anyone have any ideas?

Thursday, June 14, 2007


Ugh, I am just dying to get into a routine. the working 12 hour days, 3 days a week thing is killing me. I used to be worried about what I was going to do with my days during summer vacations, but now I long for those mornings where I don't actually have to do anything and I can lie in, or get up and go to the gym, or for a bike ride, or go to Starbucks, or go to the library (as a patron!) Just one more week after tomorrow and I'll be home free. Then I'll be able to get into a regular Weight Watchers routine again. I haven't been to a meeting in 2 weeks. I just don't have the time or motivation. If I'm not at work (like I am right now) I'm in my pajamas at home.

I've basically given up on the 30 in 100 and I thin I need to restart it when school ends...maybe make it a tad shorter....I don't know. I need suggestions, people!

I would like to give a shout out to my blogger buddy, Marta, who weighed in at 165! I am completely jealous and insanely proud of her.

Tuesday, June 12, 2007


I am such a lucky duck today. Aside form getting those beautiful orchids today, I also got my new laptop in the mail as well. Strangely, I didn't realize it was coming. I ordered it sometimes last week, after discussing it with Chris and we decided that it would be a good tool for me to have for teaching the graduate courses that I've been teaching. I'm paying for it with some of my grad class money, plus I got a discount for being an adjeunct professor. Very cool. But here's the odd part, after I ordered it, I didn't get an email from the company and when I logged on to the site, my order never showed, so I decided to put the order on the back burner until the school ended and that I could call the computer company and re-order and see if I could get more discounts due to pity. Apparently, the order did go through and here I am in front of my television and using the computer at the same stinkin' time. I am the epitome of mouse potato now. It's awesome. I am so happy that I for Chris a wireless router our my modem at Christmas when he wanted to hook up his x-box to the web.

I have decided that I will not be putting World of Warcraft on this computer because the temptation of playing all the time would be too tempting. This computer is about teaching and communications. That's it!

I am still stunned that I'm typing on this computer while watching about black holes and the Bermuda triangle on the History Channel. Man, am I stoked!

Last full day of school

Today is the last day of school before state exams. We already had an awards ceremony and snackie kind of lunch. One of my dyslexic boys is graduating and this is what his parents gave me as a year end gift!

Thursday, June 07, 2007

I think it's Thursday

Yeah, I'm pretty sure it's Thursday because I'm at the library...I have lost all track of time this week. The summer semester of grad school has started and I'm teaching a class that meets on Monday and Wednesday nights from 5:15-8:30 (I let them out early because we've all been teaching all day as it is!) Plus, tonight is library night. I am exhausted. I could put my head down on my fancy information desk and take a little nap. This horrid schedule is only going to overlap for just a few weeks. Then summer will be here and I'll be dying for things to take up my time...which leads me to revamped idea.

I'm going to only be working about 10 hours a week over the summer. All evening hours. I think I might try training for triathlons again. I mean, what else am I going to do with my time? (I'm trying to avoid the obvious answer: eat) Maybe I'll actually get to the gym on a fairly regular basis. Wouldn't that be amazing?

Sunday, June 03, 2007

Day 60

It's day 60, at least according to my calendar where I wrote a number every 10 days when I was planning out this 30 in 100 thing. It's so frustrating to know exactly how to do the core program, and really enjoy the food, and still not be able to stick to it. Wednesday was weigh-in, I lost 2 pounds. It was also Chris' birthday, and since then I've been on a downward spiral. It has a lot to do with cheese. It usually does.

For Chris' birthday, I made a very nice cheese platter. It was also incredibly tasty...there's nothing like expensive, stinky cheese to make one happy. Especially with a nice glass of red wine. Thursday, I had a decent time with breakfast and lunch, but went to a BBQ after lunch and ate chips and dip. I had to leave to work at the library and the hostess packed me a small container of pasta salad that was very tasty, and filled with cheese. Friday night, my parents had a BBQ to celebrate Chris' birthday, and although the dinner was pretty healthy (although, not core) the dessert was killer. I brought the dessert. It was a cannoli chips and dip. You see, a bakery a few towns away had a marvelous idea. They use cannoli pastry to make triangle shaped "chips" and dribble chocolate and powdered sugar over them. Then they give you a giant container of cannoli filling in which to dip the "chips". My brother's girlfriend, Aimee, is one of those people I tend to admire when it comes to food...she's very slim and athletic, and really watches what she eats and how much of it...she was the first and second person to eat the dessert. I've never seen anyone move so fast toward a food item. She was in heaven, remarking how ingenious this was and how someone should have invented it years ago. It was that damn good.

Yesterday, I was attacked by leftover cheese and some Mike's Hard (not even the light versions) I did resolve to make today a better day. I made myself a quinoa salad with black beans, mango, onion, a lot of lime juice and a little olive oil. I'm feeling back on track. We're going to have to see where this train takes me, because I'm unsure at the moment.

Friday, June 01, 2007

I'm a baaaaaad blogger

I don't know what day it is in the 30 in 100 scheme. It's hot. My students are all freaked out because of the heat, plus the upcoming summer vacation can be intimidating to emotionally disturbed kids...they thrive on routine. And, who wants to be ED and then stay home and hang out with your ED parents? Apples don't grown on pear least most of the time.

I did lose 2 pounds at last weigh in, so I'm quite happy about that. Especially since I went to 3 BBQs last weekend. Crazy.

I'm sorry this is so random and strange. I'll be a better blogger later on, I promise!