Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Again with the poop

Yeah, I ate poop at Starbucks last week...and again today. Bruce, it ain't real poop, it's figurative poop. Processed white sugar poop. Poopity-poop-poop poop. You get the picture.

Work is still stressful, that can't be helped, but I'm turning all my negative energy into really organized lesson plans complete with state standards attached. I'm a lesson plan maniac these days.

I haven't been training or even just plain exercising, but I feel an upswing in the magical circle of good health...where eating, exercising, and sleep all come of our fellow bloggers was just talking about that the other day. It rings true. I know that wonderful cycle that comes once the vicious cycle of horrid eating comes to an end....

And lastly, I've been thinking a ton lately about how I started this blog to be about triathlon training and I have yet to do any. Lack of motivation. I still read as many tri blogs as possible hoping to inspire myself back into the pool or something. It's not working yet, but I'm totally not giving up!

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totegirl said...

I hear ya' sista! And good job channeling your stress into organization. When you're done over there, can you give me a hand over here?

As for exercise, I have a lack of motivation as well. It's actually almost a willful avoidance. But I ain't givin' up either.

What's up with my atrocious grammar? Hell if I know. Now, let's get our act together and get to work! Yeah!