Thursday, November 02, 2006

Salmon Noodle Thing

I made the Salmon noodle casserole, but I screwed up the part with the milk and eggs...I thought I had done it right, but I didn't simmer the milk, I let it get too hot. So my casserole is more of a Salmon Noodle Egg Casserole. It tasted pretty good regardless, and I will try it again soon. Meanwhile, I will be eating the leftovers of this batch, which as I mentioned before, ain't bad at all. I did add one extra ingredient. I put panko bread crumbs on top. I used just enough for flavor and crunch, but little enough that it works out to be 0 points per serving. I'm feeling pretty clever.

I went to the second meeting last night. My non-crazy coworker couldn't go, as her daughter's volleyball team made the finals. I can understand that. I was going anyway. I think she just didn't want to be there alone. I personally don't care. I can be alone doing almost anything, but I digress. The leader was just as awesome as I remembered. No nonsense and witty in the same breathe. In the meeting there were 2 women with Down Syndrome and she treated them with such respect, letting them share their thoughts and ideas, but at the same time not letting them take over because they are enjoying the attention from the leader and the other member. She had us clap 3 or 4 times for the things that they shared. You could tell from their body language that those women were so happy to be there and able to share worthwhile comments. It was awesome. I think I will be continuing going to that meeting.

All in all, this week is going by fairly well. Tomorrow is going to be the hard day because I'll be driving to Massachusetts to a conference. I know I'll be getting a venti skim SF vanilla lathe at the 24 hour starfish in Danbury (it's the one off of the 1st exit in CT on the NY side, on the border of Danbury). I'm going to pack a ton of core food, but they are providing lunch and breakfast. I'll have at least 15 FPs to burn if the temptation gets to be bad...I'm just hoping it doesn't get that bad!

One last rambling thing, did any of you watch Caroline Rhea on her most recent comedy special on Bravo? It was called "Rhea's Anatomy". During the first 10 minutes she blurts out something like: Man, I'm going to give myself like 45 APs the way I'm sweating up here" ...she later goes on to talk about how she cheats on WW. I thought it was funny. I like it when celebrities admit to being on WW. Jenna McCartney did WW after she had her baby. I love that.

Okay, I think I'm done talking. I have to work at the library tonight, so I'm sure I'll be back.


Darth Julie said...

i love. weight watchers. ha. ha ha.

totegirl said...

You clever girl, you! Nice move with the bread crumbs.

Good luck at your conference. It's so hard to be good at those things. They always have donuts and cookies, the jerks.