Wednesday, September 06, 2006


I am joining the 16 week "Burn Calories Burn" challenge at the Fat Fighters blog. This was our fist homework assignment (taken from Renee's site):

S = Specific - When setting your goals, don't be too general. Decide exactly what you want to achieve. That will be the starting point of your goals.
M = Measurable - Choose goals that can be monitored so you can watch your progress.
A = Attainable - Set goals you think you will be able to achieve in a reasonable amount of time. Then plan the specific steps you'll use to establish your goals.
R = Realistic - Goals are realistic if they are ones you truly believe you can achieve. Set goals for yourself, and not for anyone else. Choosing goals that are unrealistic for you and that are based on someone else’s wishes, you will just be setting yourself up for failure.
T = Timely - To be more focused, choose dates or occasions as target times for achieving your goals. Saying you want to lose all the weight you’ve put on since you broke up with your boyfriend is not very specific, measurable, realistic, or time-centered.

My S.M.A.R.T. goals are:

S= I will lose 15 pounds by January first as well as be in a 4 day a week exercise routine.
M= If I lose just under a pound a week, I can lose 15 pounds in 16 weeks.
A= By keeping to the WeightWatchers Core program and restarting my exercise routine, I will be able to accomplish these goals
R= This is a realistic goal for me because now that school is in session, it's easier to stay in my classroom and eat my core lunches and snacks, than leave campus in search of "naughty" foods.
T= I will be exercising a minimum of twice a week for 30 minutes, and have lost 7 pounds.

Should be fairly interesting, don't you think?

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totegirl said...

Nice goals lady! That Renee has such a head for challenges!

I miss WW. I never did Core, although I strive to live my life that way long term. We'll see. I couldn't hack the NutriSystem, so I'll just be sticking to hubby's diet.

Nice B-Day pics by the way! Mmmmmmmm....crack-laced margaritas.....