Saturday, September 09, 2006


I can not believe that I haven't posted since Wednesday. I find that to be astounding. I love to write, I love to blather on about nothing...especially when it's mostly anonymous. (Hi Darth Bruce, you and BK, when she see the pics over your shoulders are the ones who make this only mostly anonymous!)

I am trying to pull my butt back into a routine. I am going to Weight Watchers tomorrow. That is all good. I think I gained. That is not so good. I have to work my first Sunday of the school year. Not so good. The crazy librarian isn't working. That is awesome. I have an appointment with my mom to lift weights and maybe do a little cardio. Awesome. Then we might have Sushi. Awesome. Or, we might have Mexican with crack margaritas. Awesome fun, but deadly at the same time.

I am happy to get back to the gym. I bought weight lifting gloves recently in anticipation of going back to the gym. Last time we were lifting weights, I developed a callus on the pad at the bottom of my left middle finger. Then it peeled off and hurt, well, like a bitch. I think the gloves will prevent that this time around. At least I hope so. Nothing like meeting your student parents and having the hands of a fisherman from "The Deadliest Catch".

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