Sunday, September 03, 2006

Phase 1

Before I talk about phase 1, I'd like to tell Jessifer, that yes, you roll the pigs and depending on their positions you get points. My version does not have a "makin' bacon" bit, but I think I'm going to add that......sounds like a good time.

I've decided that Friday through today was/is phase one of my new plan. I am going to follow all those goals and ideas that I had in that earlier post. The past could of days was merely a planning phase. I had to wrap my head around what I actually want to do and figure out a way to get it all done with my busy schedule. It was a problem and I have it all planned out.

As you can see, I even spent time figuring out what I am making for dinner for this week. I'm feeling organized. I'm going to the fresh fruit market tomorrow with my mom and Darth Bruce so we can get, as I'm sure you've figure out, fresh fruit.

If you're curious, on the pad (which I purchased at a Target in the dollar spot a few months back) the "Ultimate F&C" refers to the WW cookbook Ultimate Flex & Core Cookbook. I like it a ton, and my husband likes most of the dishes that have come out of it.

Chris and I are going on a bike ride tomorrow since we both have the day off. A great way to start off my big plans, don't you think?

I realized sometime this afternoon that on Tuesday, I'm going to another birthday dinner for another friend at PF Chang's. I did a little research, cut and paste a list of "safe" foods (ie, less than 5 points each) so I can walk in their with a plan....pretty good least I think so.

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Darth Julie said...

You should watch out the next time you go running.

See you lator at PuhFuh Chang's.