Sunday, September 10, 2006

And the Mighty Amazon Returns!

Exercise Weight Set/reps

Hammer Strength
Front Lat Pull down 80 lbs 3x6

Lat Pull 62.5 lbs 3x6

Seated Row 60 lbs 3x6

21s 30 lbs 3x6

Alternating curls 10 lbs 3x6

Hammer curls 10 lbs 3x6

If I could remember the place where I could actually make a chart that worked in here, I would have used that....but this is what you're getting for now until I figure that out.....anyway....

Mom and I did get to the gym for the first time since the middle of June and I'm very happy about it. I feel great. We didn't over extend ourselves. We did three sets of six reps for each exercise and we'll build up from there. I am now exhausted and I think I might go to bed!

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