Friday, September 01, 2006

Reu-Boots, Kombucha Korner, and a definite failure to launch

That you all for your support last night!

Okay, I've got a few things to talk about today. I'll do the fun stuff, then go to the cool stuff, and then I'll get to the "spill my guts" stuff.

Today is Reuben's whelp-day. My fuzzy, gray dog celebrated his seventh birthday today. Although, he is posing in these pictures with one of my socks, he did get a tug snake made by the guys at Fat Cat, and he loves it. He's been carrying it around and shaking it on and off for a few days now.

Just look at how handsome he is! I can't get over it. You've gotta look past the glowing demon eyes, though.

Now for the cool stuff. My father in law came by today and set us up with our own Kombucha mushroom, which isn't really a mushroom, but I'll attach a link if you're interested. It's been used for centuries by eastern cultures to boost the immune system. So we have a corner of our kitchen dedicated to the big bugger.

It's an ugly bastard, but hey, if it helps me keep my lungs clear this winter with side-effects such as weight loss, increased energy and lowered cholesterol, then I'm on it.

And lastly, my declaration from last night still seems to be in the planning phases, as I stated boldy that I was going to start all this today. I didn't completely happen. I did go to the grocery store and buy some good WW Core supplies. I'm set for school lunches next week in that vein. I did eat well for the most part, but it still needs some tightening, but that's easy to work on. I could not find the time to get the run in. I had a date with my mom to go to Ikea, and it was supposed to be about 2-3 hours, try 5 in total with traffic and my mom taking the wrong way for 20 minutes....not her fault, we don't often drive around in New Jersey and they did a lot of construction in that area since the last time we went, When I got home, it was a matter of minutes before my father in law was coming for dinner and the Kombucha tutorial. so the time I had allotted for a short run was up in smoke just like that.

Tomorrow is another day. A day filled with torrential rain and the possibility of our road and highways flooding. Maybe I'll clear enough space in my computer room to set up my bike trainer.....

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totegirl said...

Oh the puppy! Such a beautiful face! I love dogs. I always thought I was a cat person, but now that I have my little Bean, I know better.

Ummmmm, that tea stuff looks revolting, but the benefits look good. Definitely keep us updated on that. I'm interested.