Sunday, August 13, 2006

Yeah, well....

I braved it and went to Weight Watchers this morning. I gained 3.6 pounds. They guy who weighs me was shocked and amazed as I told him of my cake adventures of Sunday last and the Reese's peanut butter cup minis that snuck into my mouth during the class on Multiple Intelligences I took last week. (There is no eating intelligence, for those of you who are wondering....)

My mom and I did not go to the gym today, but are planning to go tomorrow. She is have a sciatic nerve issue (a literal pain in the ass....and back) and I woke up feeling as if I were hit by a mac truck. All my bones hurt. It hurts to take a deep no weights or jostling for me.

My mom and I are also planning to take a tour of the local animal shelters so she can get a new puppy. We had to have her other dog put down last August. She and my dad miss having a dog. My dog misses having a playmate. This time, he'll get to be top dog. Hopefully we'll find something at the local shelters, if not, it's a trip to the North Shore Animal League, which is a 2 hour drive, but well worth it for a nice pup. She is not that particular, she wants a female, no terrier at all (she wants a mush, not a bossy bitch), gets along with other dogs for the most part, and it has to be less than 6 or 7 months old. It doesn't have to be a tiny puppy, but young enough so that it becomes attached quickly.

I'm lacking in a way to close this, except, I'm really psyched about my parents getting a new dog!

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Nicole said...

Hope you're feeling better today!

Yay for your parents getting a new puppy. It should at least be fun to go looking!