Thursday, August 17, 2006


Why can't I get to the gym? I am so un-Amazon, it's not even funny. I can almost feel my muscles disappearing. I got a new skort in the mail today, and it's a tad to small. That makes me feel poopy.

It's not even as if I'm not in training, but going to the gym. I should be in the gym building a base. 3 weight days...that's it. Maybe cardio on a couple of those days, and maybe a couple of extra cardio days. I'm not asking for much here folks. I know I enjoy doing this stuff, so why can't I get my pansy-ass up off the couch...or the computer chair and just get to the stinkin' gym? It sucks!

Any suggestions? Lurkers? I know you're out there, I do have a tells me people are stopping to make a suggestion?

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Nicole said...

My goal every morning (and now most evenings) is just to get my body to the gym. Once I'm there, if 5 minutes is all I can do, it's ok. But usually once I'm there I forget all the reasons I didn't want to go. You need to just tell yourself "Get in the car, drive to the gym and see what happens".

You can do it!