Thursday, August 24, 2006


I am drowning in the amount of flex points I have used so far this week. I have negative numbers, folks. NEGATIVE NUMBERS! I can hear myself getting heavier. Blah. I am keeping myself super busy and haven't had time to cook up some good core foods. I am such a slacker.

On a happier note, I learned how to make interactive books on Power Point for kids with multiple handicaps. All they have to do is hit a click-switch in order to turn the pages. The program does everything else, including read it to them. It's in my voice, which wigs me out a little bit, but hey, I'm sure the kids would enjoy it. I'm going to have my reading students learn how to do it and they will be required to make interactive books in class, so eventually the classes for the Multiply Handicapped will have lots of books to choose from. That would be spectacular. At least I think so....


Jen said...

"I can hear myself getting heavier."

You and me sister! I don't know what it is but even with the exerise, I just have been so ravenous that I know I'm going to have a gain.

Oh well, see the number, and move on, right? Eventually it has to come off if we hang in there. Take care!


TrixieBelden said...

Amazon Alanna,

The books you created sound fantastic! You must get such satisfaction out of what you are doing! That is awesome.

Don't worry about your flex points. You have been keeping track, which is half the battle. Next week is always a fresh start!

Don't be too hard on yourself!