Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Puppy update

We did not end up taking a tour of the local shelters. My mom called them all and no one happened to have any puppies at the moment. On a whim, I drove my mom down to the North Shore Animal League where it took us 4 walks around the dog area to find this gem:

I think that the first 3 times around my mom had tiny puppy on the brain. She was also very quiet. A lot of the other dogs were barking, and she was snoozing. Thank goodness we did notice her because she is awesome. We think she's hald lab and hald pointer.

Her name is Una, which is Irish Gaelic for lamb.

We took her to our vet yesterday and he was impressed with how mild manner and friendly she is.

Even Reuben has taken to her. She follows him everywhere when he's at my parent's house. She entices him into playing. they run around like maniacs together, which is something my dog needs, but has forgotten how to do.

My mom, as seen in this pic, is very happy that we didn't leave Una behind. We nearly did, but I convinced of the benefits of getting an older puppy.

I think that's enough puppy love for now.

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