Saturday, August 19, 2006


No, I'm not feeling inspired yet, but I've decided to do a little inspirational reading. I trudged over to my bookshelf and pulled off my copies of:

That's right, I'm pulling out the big guns. Becoming an Ironman kills me every time I read it! Especially when I read about Team Hoyt. Sheesh. If they can do Ironman, why can't I simply get my butt back in the gym? Be Iron Fit is motivating because I'd like to look like a triathlete, instead of people looking at me like I'm a liar when I tell them I've done triathlons.

I'm going to make a point of getting to the gym tomorrow with or without my mom. I've get to get Chris, my husband, involved. I've got to explain to him in detail how I need him to be supportive, not naggy about getting me to the gym tomorrow. It's a thin line, and he still needs reminders on it.

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TrixieBelden said...

How many times have you read "Becoming an Ironman"? I'm going to check it out before classes start and I have to start reading business cases.