Saturday, August 12, 2006

I ain't got nothin'

It's Saturday, and aside from grocery shopping, I don't have much to do today. What's that? Am I going to go running? No, are you insane? Why would I want to something like that and ruin the only day off from any sort of responsibility that I've had in weeks. Silly....

Anyway, I decided that today is a totally do nothing day. I'm not doing a bloody thing except play video games, fool with my sewing machine, and talk to you people. I'm having a great time. Hubby and dog spent some time trying to entertain me this afternoon:

I'm very impressed.

On a more serious note, my mom and I are going back to our 3 weight trainings a week schedule starting tomorrow. We even bought weight training gloves because we both had parts of our palms peel off the last time we did weight training....I think that was about a month ago or so. Well, the important part is that we are back at it tomorrow, which will lead to stories of woe and pain...say Monday?

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Darth Julie said...

uh.. is chris going to give reuben the shocker?