Thursday, June 22, 2006

Update for week

Okay, I promised myself some fun stuff this week, but I've had things jump into my path that I wasn't here is an update:

Planned Actual
Running: 3 times Running: Not yet
Spinning: 1 time Spinning: Bridal shower shopping with Mom
Weights: 3 times Weights: Once, just once
Swimming: not yet, I'm skeered Swimming: not yet, but I'm not skeered anymore

I'm not going to be too hard on isn't even over until tomorrow. I've got a class next week, but that's less taxing, and I could run during the lunch hour. There is, after all, a bike trail right next to my campus. So maybe I'll try to plan on that.

I also have to remember that my week is not over yet. I still have time to get in some weights, a spin class, or a couple of runs. I just have to see what lies ahead.

Other than this, things are going well. The end of the school year is here. I'm going to work some summer hours, which are always fun. I'll have 4 day weekends every week. It will be fabulous.


Shaunta said...

Why are you skeered of swimming??

Did you see my blog? I finally did some strength training...and I can't wait to do it again. It was a killer workout!

Amazon Alanna said...

I'm not scared of the wwater, I scared to get back into a swim suit. I'm also scared of being that exhausted...I always get so tired after a swim. Although, it is a pleasant tiredness.

I'm about to check your blog. I've been having weird issues at work.

Geek Girl said...

Your paltry attempts to be the queen of procrastination will never compare to mine. Good luck!

Shaunta said...

It's funny to me that I don't feel scared about getting in a bathing suit. I figure that it's not like I look like I wear a size 8 in my clothes, but a size 24 in my bathing suit. I'm a 24, regardless. For now. I would have expected myself to have some qualms about getting into a suit at a public pool...but nope. Not a one. Maybe because I go to the Y and not a fitness club with actual fit people around :) There are plenty of other fat mamas around the Y in their suits.