Saturday, June 17, 2006

The things that I let block my way

Yeah, there are obstacles in my way preventing me from tri training. We all have that, and we work to get around them. Sometimes, thought, I purposefully put those blockers there because they are just as fun, and take less effort.

This, folks, is my day to talk about....World of Warcraft. I love the stupid game. I try to limit myself to an hour when a I play, and sometimes I'll go over that some. That was fine while it was snowing and raining, and cold. But it's almost summer. It's sunny and 83 degrees I running? No, I'm posting about Warcraft. Or as I used to call it, before I played, War Crap.
This is my character, Hatsemomo. As you might not be able to tell, she is dead. More specifically, Undead. I made her pretty ugly on purpose. There is just no use in having a pretty corpse. Especially when you're a warrior.

It's such a stress reliever to play this game. I'm never worried about "dying" because I'm already dead, and I can resurrect, anyway.

How cool is this? Look at me, I kick ass.


Darth Julie said...

I don't really understand what's going on in those pictures.

Amazon Alanna said...

My character is fighting stuff. I kick ass!