Monday, June 12, 2006


IT had to take my computer tower at work last week, and I'm sure ya'll can guess where I do most of my posting work desk during lunch. I never really knew how much I relied on my computer until now. That's my "BOOOO" for today.

Now to the happy, shiny stuff: My mom and I started another weight lifting cycle with higher weights, which means we start out at lower reps. Workouts are short and sweet...and a tad hard because all the barbells have more weight on them. Feeling pretty good about that.

I still haven't made it running out of doors. I opted for a Reading Consultation, which landed $75 cash in my pocket. Not bad for an hours work. I love having a MPA in Reading and Special Education, you can do so much with it! Oh, wait, I'm beginning to digress....I haven't made it outside to run, but I will be soon, I promise.

Ya hear that, Shaunta? I promise to go running outside sometime this week!

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Shaunta said...

I hear you Baby.

I have to give up on running for now, I think. My two tiny experiments with it (a total of about three minutes running over two days) have left my calves so sore, I can hardly move them. I think I need to get some weight off before I try running. Or at least condition my muscles better first. Back to walking!

I have been kicking ass on the bike though! Tomorrow is my long ride...a whole hour. I'm going to do the hill out! HAHA

And I walked 35 minutes at 3 mph today. Maybe that doesn't sound impressive. But six weeks ago I could just barely do twenty alternating between 2 and 2.5 MPH. So I'm happpy :)

I need help with a strength program. Can you help?