Tuesday, June 06, 2006

June is tight!

My schedule in June gets a little tight, as does my mother's, due to still working at school, but some of our summer hours at the yacht club start to pile on during the weekends.

As a result, our schedules do not mesh as they once did. I can see that they will again once school ends, and my library closes on Sundays. We will have tons of time, plus we'll be able to add in extra cardio (running for me!) in during the days that we can't lift weights together.

I've got to work something out with her so that she can go to the gym and get in the same workouts that I get in, just on a different time frame, as it seems that we will not be working out together until July. The main problem here is that my mom, who is borderline ADHD, can not remember our routines for the most part. I will have to make her a chart of some sort, because it would be ridiculous for us to take a month off....it would be more than ridiculous, it would be detrimental to our current fitness level. We would have to spend time regaining what we've lost!

As for the rest of my world....everything going great. I'm sleeping well. My dog is sleeping well. My husband is sleeping well, but is eating everything in sight....which leads me to the next topic:

What can you do if you're trying to lose weight but your husband is currently trying to gain it? My husband is not a small man. He currently weighs about 225. Not does he weigh about 225, but his body fat is less that 10%. He's a power lifter. The mere fact that he is having trouble eating enough to maintain his weight, no less gain it, is something that I am having trouble wrapping my head around. Who tries to gain weight? Seriously?


Shaunta said...

oooooh that's just not fair!!! lol

I'm going to have trouble with my training this summer, too. But I will find a way! I'm so motivated :)

Darth Julie said...

I'm glad Reuben is sleeping well. Phineas is too but he misses his tubby friend Baylee, who went home Monday.

Shaunta said...

Hey you! Are you getting any training in? I did 30 minutes on the stationary bike...on a hill program! Unbelievable the progress I've made in only two weeks. I also tried to do a 45 seconds fast walk/15 seconds jog on the treadmill. I meant to do 15 minutes, but was nearly dying after 6. God, I suck at running. How am I ever even going to get to 3 miles for a sprint? HELP! lol