Friday, August 31, 2007

Tomorrow is the big 8 for Reuben on Rye...I can't believe that he's that old (and still has that much energy). He will be having a sleep over with the famous Una tomorrow night, so I'm sure there will be many picture of dog to dog torture.
I made it through my first week back to work, but just barely. All I did was act as literacy consultant all week...not one student to be seen...and I came home exhausted each day. Wednesday I came home early, ate lunch and fell asleep on the couch for almost two hours...and still got to bed on time. Yikes!
It was also a bad week when it came to eating...mostly breakfast foods. Bagels from Panera. I'm happy to report, that as tasty as they are, I am sick of the cinnamon crunch bagels and reduced fat hazelnut cream cheese. At least I've got that in my corner. Soon, I'll be bringing my lunch to school and a supply of core snacks to leave in my fridge. My office is going to be a "safe" place. I also had a co-worker ask me if I would like to walk everyday at lunch to which I agreed.
Also: Happy Birthday, Marta!

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totegirl said...

Thanks lady! And happy birthday to Reuben! We have the same birthday! That's extremely bad ass! Yet another reason to love your dog...

So, we finally got a Panera, but it's in the worst possible location for me. It's on a super-duper-high traffic street, and I have road rage issues. I guess I'm glad, huh? The last thing I need is another vice!

So, yeah for getting back on track! Next week? I need a virtual partner. I am journaling, but yesterday I had pb & crackers, a coke, and a snickers for first dinner, and then a pita with steak & salad for second dinner. Haha! I just made myself laugh by reading that! Oh well, live, learn, and move on! Or just get moving, period!