Tuesday, August 28, 2007


I was inspired by Marta, who just signed up to have her own personal trainer to ask what ya'll thought of:

Kinesis is a functional fitness strength training system done in small group sessions. It involves integrated movements of balance, core strength and burns 30% more calories than traditional equipment training. Thirty minute sessions include a circuit of 5 stations.

Yeah, it costs extra, but it sounds cool. The people I know who tried it are totally into it....so readers, tell me what you think!


TrixieBelden said...

I think the idea of small group sessions is interesting - you may build relationships and support with some of the other group members, but you may also not receive enough attention.

If you can afford it, I say it sounds like something that interests you, so you should go for it. You will probably regret it more if you don't try it than if you try it and find out its not for you! :)

Chai said...

i just joined a gym testerday and saw a wall of pilly machines with the words Minesis on them...iw as wondering what they were...i go tomorrow for my assessment with a trainer and will ask about it then...i am cure it is great though...how could it NOT be?